Folk music at St. Fagans

Darllenwr goes to an all-South Wales tune club, where he learns Welsh folk music. "Gwerin Gwent" will be doing two sessions in the foyer of St. Fagans on March 9th. If anyone fancies listening to some traditional Welsh music and meeting me and Darllenwr, St. Fagans at about 11am is the place to be!


  • LothlorienLothlorien All Saints Host
    That sounds like a good meet. Music and Shipmeet. Sorry, it is a bit too far for me to travel.
  • For some reason, work has a large-screen TV in the canteen showing BBC News channel. I have fond memories of the day they ran a piece on the Welsh language and the subtitlers were having none of it - the piece closed with a song and the subtitle simply read "Sings. In Welsh. " In their defence, it's obviously a pretty tough job doing it in English.

  • I thought of you yesterday at a concert by Jamie Smith’s Mabon - all songs in Welsh.
  • Sadly we won't be at St. Fagan's, for a noble reason: Herself has a Welsh study day!
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