The Trump Tarot Deck

When the current era of political chaos is all over, some clever person will no doubt design a Tarot deck as a means of sorting it out. That person might be us. Enroll your candidates for Major Arcana here.

The Trump tower:

The Hierophant:


  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    edited February 21
    Is this what you're getting at?

    The Emperor

    TBH I know the square root of bugger-all about tarot cards, but got my information from Wikipedia, whose article lists the names of all the cards.
  • OhherOhher Shipmate
    Excellent choice, madam.
  • stetsonstetson Shipmate
    Getting a little dark for a moment...

    The Hanged Man
  • stetsonstetson Shipmate
    And just for the sake of continuity, I'll state my established claim to The Fool.

    I believe The Tower was done on that thread as well, but not much chance of anyone coming up with another reading for that one.
  • OhherOhher Shipmate
    stetson wrote: »
    Getting a little dark for a moment...

    The Hanged Man

    Whew. Not what I was expecting, but definitely apt.
  • Contrary to some of the most recent posts, maybe Nancy Pelosi as High Priestess?

    (Don't know much about the Tarot, but IMHO fits with what I've heard.)
  • OhherOhher Shipmate
    That works too.
  • A couple of Tarot resources:

    I know that the Tarot is sometimes interpreted as a journey, with the innocent, naive Fool journeying through his life towards enlightenment. So I went looking for something like that. I didn't find exactly what I was looking for, but I did find some good things.

    --"Tarot For Kids Manual" (Little Pagan Acorns). This is a free PDF, to view or download. It's cute, and interprets the Tarot in a way that's kid-friendly. Little Pagan Acorns is a home-schooling resource for Pagan parents. (Most home-schooling online resources are Christian oriented.)

    --"The Tarot & The Prisoner" (Philosopher's Wheel). The author starts off mentioning someone who believes the Tarot is drawn straight from Plato. Then he compares the Tarot to the classic British TV mystery/puzzle show "The Prisoner"! He goes through it in detail, with links to relevant video clips from the show.

    I've only skimmed it, but I'm psyched to read it more fully. I loved the show--AND he includes references to Scott Apel's great commentary when hosting the American showing of it.

    At the end of the page, there's a long list of relevant links, and a diagram of the Hero's Journey.

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