In which Piglet gets a Hostly Extension (and other hosting updates)

EutychusEutychus Admin
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Several months ago now backstage from the Circus, @Imaginary Friend and @Ariston independently decided that it was time for them to relinquish their hostly duties and move on to pastures new.

They cruelly whipped exercised such sensitive management of the Circus crowd that the board has become a paragon of good behaviour, with very little hostly intervention required.

However, in view of the shit you lot could get up to unsupervised our responsible "trust but verify" policy, we've decided to grunt grant @Piglet a Hostly Extension to cover the Circus.

This means she'll be keeping a watchful porcine eye over the proceedings, doing housekeeping, and emitting hostly oinks as necessary, in addition to her usual duties alongside @Lothlorien in All Saints.

Our grateful thanks to @Imaginary Friend and @Ariston for their good and faithful service, and to @Piglet as she wields her shiny new Extension.

Do keep an eye on the Styx in the next while, as a couple of other rejigs are in the pipeline.

Oh, and @Piglet, watch where you poke that thing.

SoF Admin


  • jedijudyjedijudy Heaven Host
    Excellent, Piglet! I know the Circus will be in good hands...oops...trotters with you keeping an eye on things!
  • Hah! Did she fall, or was she pushed...??
  • NicoleMRNicoleMR Shipmate
    Congrats Piglet!
  • Piglet!

    Congratulations on being awarded More Work! Those who excel at a task are always rewarded with more of same ;)

    Thank you for taking stewardship of the forums (fora?) ... you are so much appreciated.

  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Thank you, one and all!

    @Eutychus, I need that <notworthy> smilie for your thread title and OP.

    I'd like to say a big thank-you to @Ariston and @Imaginary Friend for the years of service they've given to the Circus, and hope that I'll be worthy of stepping into their shoes*.

    * Do they have to be big clown shoes, seeing it's the Circus?
  • Gee DGee D Shipmate
    Piglet wrote: »
    .Do they have to be big clown shoes, seeing it's the Circus?

    The shoes are only for big clowns - and being a let, you can't be big. Congratulations.
  • Barnabas62Barnabas62 Purgatory Host, Dead Horses Host
    I did enjoy the OP and thread title.

    Piglet, you'll be great. I'm sure Hedgehog can provide a primer on baseball if required.

    And many thanks to IF and Ariston.
  • Barnabas62 wrote: »
    I did enjoy the OP and thread title.
    So did I, and most relevant. Of course, had this been "Friends" (ugh) it would have been "The One Where Piglet ....".

  • MaryLouiseMaryLouise Shipmate
    Congratulations, Piglet!

    And many thanks to Ariston and Imaginary Friend for all the years of service.
  • Brilliant title -

    I'm not sure if it's congratulations and/or thank yous that are in order to Piglet for taking on extra.

    Much thanks to @Imaginary Friend and @Ariston for all they have done over the (many, many) years
  • BoogieBoogie Shipmate
    *Round of applause for @Piglet*

    Piglet: “The things that make me different are the things that make me.”
  • Baptist TrainfanBaptist Trainfan Shipmate
    edited April 15
    I think we should club together and send her an extra supply of Haycorns (Orcadian, of course).
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Thanks, all! :)
  • Well, piglet, you're clearly mad, but thank you. What is it about exposure to shipmates that makes you think your life needs more of it? Baffled, but yes, grateful.
  • RossweisseRossweisse Shipmate
    The title is brilliantly redolent of the Works of A. A. Milne; the announcement is good news for the rest of us, at least. Brava, Piglet!
  • As promised, here are some further updates:

    @Ariel, longtime Heavenly Host on the old boards, is taking the opportunity of these changes to announce her formal retirement after many years' hostly service, followed by a year or so's leave of absence. Our grateful thanks to her.

    @Firenze, another longtime Heavenly Host, has also been on leave from hands-on hosting duties for a while now, but has gracefully agreed to stick around.

    She and former host @TonyK will be continuing to provide the benefits of their insights, longstanding experience, and reading of the boards backstage - a role we're now officialising with the title of Host Emeritus.

    The Admins also reserve the option of dragging our newly-minted Hosts Emeritus out of semi-retirement if the need arises to provide temporary hosting cover. Thank you to you both for your continuing services: you can start by replenishing the jar of hunny GIN cupboard.

    SoF Admin
  • TonyKTonyK Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    Thank you, Eutychus, and all the Admins.

    Always ready to help if I can!

    Yours aye
  • balaambalaam Shipmate
    GIN cupboard? It'll be Scapa or Highland Park for piglet.
  • FirenzeFirenze Purgatory Host, Host Emeritus
    Talking of cupboard, I see TonyK or I leaping out of them crying ‘Nobody expects the Hosts Emeritus!’
  • That instantly brought to mind the rather creepy Bowie video Lazarus, especially the beginning and the end.
  • FirenzeFirenze Purgatory Host, Host Emeritus
    I was thinking more Monty Python...
  • Indeed ...
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    edited April 20
    balaam wrote: »
    GIN cupboard? It'll be Scapa or Highland Park for piglet.
    I wish I liked whisky, but the only proper one* I've ever enjoyed was Highland Park 18yo, and that's a bit** out of my price range!

    Our post-choir-practice pub is famous for its collection of malt whiskies, and the other night we overheard the people at the next table discussing the menu. We suggested to them that they try Highland Park, and they went for the 18yo - in fact one of them offered to buy me one!!! Having an idea of how much it cost (I've just looked it up and it's $17 - about £10 - a nip), I politely declined.

    My spirit of choice is GIN.

    * Making a hot toddy doesn't count, and I wouldn't do that to a good whisky.

    ** for "a bit" read "completely".
  • RossweisseRossweisse Shipmate
    Oh, I'd have taken the Highland Park 18! (Happily, I like the 12 better than the 15, and it's cheaper. So that works out.)
  • Hi all, thanks for the good wishes. As Eutychus said, various factors meant that it was time to move on. But it's been an absolute pleasure to host this board over the years, all the more so because of the fantastic crowd of people who spend their time here, and who really don't need much policing at all! You're all brilliant.
  • jedijudyjedijudy Heaven Host
    It's good to see you, Imaginary Friend! I miss you and Ariston back stage and on the main boards!
    Best wishes in all that you do!
  • Wet KipperWet Kipper Shipmate
    The club of former Circus hosts gets bigger ;)
    Wishing Piglet the best of luck...
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Thanks, WK! :)
  • EutychusEutychus Admin
    In further hosting news, @Barnabas62 is having to take a temporary leave of absence from Purgatory hosting due to crisis support needs in his immediate family.

    We'll be deploying Host Emeritus @Firenze as a stand-in Purg host with full hosting powers for the interim. Please remember @Barnabas62 and family in your prayers.
  • MaryLouiseMaryLouise Shipmate
    And thanks to Host Emiritus @Firenze for stepping in.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Hear, hear!
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