What to Do With an Errant Jesus?



  • I agree that there are various sayings of Jesus that are likely to be correct because they are awkward and don't fit in with the accepted picture. However, you can't turn that around and say that uncontroversial sayings must be invited; there must be some reason why what I'm calling the "accepted picture" emerged in the first place.

    However I'm careful to say "likely" because we don't know for sure, and never will know. Unless a kindly Doctor lends us his Tardis, of course.
  • Yes, Mark did something new in writing a gospel of Jesus which expressed the theology of the Messiah. Where did his 'accepted picture' come from? And when he constructed his narrative how much theological explanation did he add to the history? His successors did much more theological reflection and Matthew noticeably edits Mark's portrait of Jesus. So Mark is the template and the best option for locating a historical Jesus.
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