Fortunately, Unfortunately



  • Fortunately he thought it smelled funny and made an excuse and left.
  • Fortunately a group of poison control nurses were enjoying happy hour at the next table and pulled a wide assortment of antidotes from their handbags.
  • Unfortunately I don't think I can type fast enough for this.
  • Fortunately for Twilight, people and God love her anyway.
  • Unfortunately for Twilight, while she's been typing slowly, her tea has gone cold.
  • Fortunately the publican's dog smelled the scent, barked loudly, and alerted Prof. Cox to the danger before he took a sip.
  • SipechSipech Shipmate
    Unfortunately, the dog also had rabies and bit the aforementioned professor.
  • Fortunately the dog survived.
  • Fortunately they were able to market it as “craft ale”
  • jrwjrw Shipmate
    Unfortunately Brian Cox had to spend six months in quarantine.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Fortunately he spent it on an island with a perfect view of a solar eclipse.
  • SipechSipech Shipmate
    Unfortunately, the island's only food source was a single fig tree.
  • Unfortunately somebody missed like 5 posts and responded to one WAY upstream.
  • Fortunately, in the parallel universe we arrived at somewhere on the last page, that is perfectly normal and coherent, and the island was the site of a destination wedding between Flash Gordon and Ming the Merciless.
  • Unfortunately Flash Gordon was being held captive by his archnemesis.
  • Fortunately when the question was asked, "Does anyone know any reason why these two should not be joined in holy matrimony?" Bluto and Popeye simultaneously raised their hands.
  • Unfortunately this was because Bluto and Popeye were members of Westboro Baptist Church.
  • Fortunately not the infamous Westboro that most people know, but a different one.
  • Unfortunately they have very similar beliefs to the infamous one.
  • Fortunately, Brian Blessed was loud enough to overcome all distractions.
  • Baptist TrainfanBaptist Trainfan Shipmate
    edited August 2019
    {Where did he come from????]
  • Unfortunately Baptist Trainfan didn't see him come in.
  • Fortunately BT's wife did see him as,being a teacher, she has eyes in the back of her head.
  • Unfortunately she didn't recognize him and thought he was the pool boy.
  • Fortunately when he fell in the pool because he was distracted, she was there to rescue him.
  • Baptist TrainfanBaptist Trainfan Shipmate
    edited August 2019
    [Unlikely as she can't stand the man. However ... please continue].
  • Unfortunately, although she was there to rescue him, she didn't rescue him.
  • MaryLouiseMaryLouise Purgatory Host, 8th Day Host
    Fortunately, mousethief could take over as master of ceremonies and improvised a pithy eulogy for the 'pool boy' aka Brian Blessed
  • Unfortunately no-one could understand it as it was all in Greek.
  • MaryLouiseMaryLouise Purgatory Host, 8th Day Host
    Fortunately, the assembled guests whipped out Google Translate app and got the gist of what was being said, only a little garbled.
  • Unfortunately Mousethief can't speak Greek, so he was winging it from the pewback hymnal.
  • SipechSipech Shipmate
    Fortunately, nobody noticed (or at least, minded) the improvisation and a merry time was had by all.
  • jrwjrw Shipmate
    Unfortunately the day ended with everyone being arrested on suspicion of murdering Brian Blessed and locked in the island prison with no chance of bail.
  • Fortunately the island prison was a pleasant village with a curious resemblance to Portmeirion in Wales.
  • Unfortunately on that day the power went out and all the ice melted, so they had no cool drinks.
  • Fortunately tea is better hot.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Unfortunately, because there was no power, the kettle didn't work either.*

    * I once worked for a notoriously tight-fisted lawyer, and when we had a power-cut, he suggested we take our coffee break so that he wouldn't lose any typist-minutes. Of course it didn't occur to him that the coffee-machine needed electricity ... 👀
  • Fortunately, the prisoners of the Village were too disoriented and paranoid to care much about what to drink.
  • Unfortunately, the prisoners of the Village were disoriented and paranoid.
  • Fortunately some of the prisoners had seen "Papillon," and started planting vegetable gardens.
  • Unfortunately they'd also seen Papillon and chewed lots of coca leaves, thus thoroughly cranked up on cocaine.
  • Fortunately that meant they didn't feel the pain or shame of their condition, and had a great time.
  • Unfortunately, the Great Bouncing Bubble Gum Bubble bounced up from the beach, and entered the party!
  • MaryLouiseMaryLouise Purgatory Host, 8th Day Host
    Fortunately, a reader of The Great Gatsby entered stage left and was able to save the bubble by screaming "Lover, gold-hatted, high-bouncing lover, I must have you!" before any sugary bubble gum-haters punctured it.
  • Unfortunately the great bouncing bubble was part of the Village’s surreal security apparatus and promptly asphyxiated several of the more uppity partygoers.
  • Fortunately the Great Bouncing Bubble Gum was easily fooled by the false humility of the Uriah Heap-like party goers.
  • Unfortunately those represented only a small proportion of those present.

    (How many remember this: ?)
  • Fortunately while the bubble was distracted with all its smothering-work, one of the prisoners managed to construct a raft.

    I was getting worried that Golden Key was the only one who got the reference :)

  • balaambalaam Shipmate
    edited August 2019
    Unfortunately, they were in the Sahara.
  • Fortunately some ships of the desert showed up to ferry them to safety.
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