Fortunately, Unfortunately



  • Unfortunately, this clogged the propellors of a passing Coastguard Launch.
  • Fortunately, the launch was very old fashioned so still had sails. These were hoisted and it continued under a favourable wind.
  • Unfortunate navigation was also old fashioned and badly done, so they went terribly off course and ran into the pomfrets again.
  • balaambalaam Shipmate
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    Fortunately, (for the coastguards, not the pomfrets) their fishing tackle was not old fashioned.
  • Unfortunately, everyone on board succumbed to a juvenile fit of giggles at the mention of the word 'tackle'.
  • Fortunately there were a couple of rugby players among the,m who soon brought them into line, by using practical demonstrations.
  • jrwjrw Shipmate
    Unfortunately the carry-on team turned up at this point and the whole thing turned into 'Carry On Coastguard' with lines like "Ooh, I like your tackle" and "Did your balls get squashed?"
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Fortunately, this couldn't have happened as most of them are No Longer With Us.
  • Unfortunately while they were squabbling the pomfrets scuppered the ship and they (the humans) all drowned.
  • Fortunately when their bodies washed up on the shore of an uncharted desert island, there were zombies who bit each one and they all came back to life.
  • jrwjrw Shipmate
    Unfortunately they all came back to life as zombies and after swimming back to shore they turned up in the town centre on a time loop, singing creationist hymns and.... well, we know the rest.
  • Perhaps we need to start a new story??
  • Fortunately Baptist Trainfan had come to rescue this thread with the happy idea to start a new story.
  • Unfortunately a group of rude and pushy evangelists came to town today.
  • Fortunately, they were just a troupe of traveling comedians--Canadians, no less, having fun with being rude. ;)
  • Unfortunately there was no room for them at the local motel, and all the Air BNB's in the vicinity were booked.
  • Fortunately they were all able to cram themselves into a stable
  • Unfortunately they had to chuck out the manger to make space.
  • Fortunately the manger was very big, so they were comfortable
  • Unfortunately they'd placed it outdoors. (Did I say that we were well north of the Arctic Circle, in the depths of a Canadian winter?)
  • jrwjrw Shipmate
    Fortunately three (not so) wise men turned up at this point bearing gifts of a) a gas stove b) a portable food selection with rolls and such like, and c) a manger heater.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Unfortunately, because they were north of the Arctic Circle, the gas had solidified in the cold.
  • Fortuntaely they were able to melt the gas by heating the cylinder from the outside.
  • [What with?]
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    [I wondered that, but was too polite to say.]
  • Unfortunately the dragon, which so had fortuitously appeared just in time to melt the gas with its fiery breath, only understood Welsh (which no-one present spoke) and was therefore Dangerously Ferocious.
  • mousethiefmousethief Shipmate
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    [What with?]

    I have heat that ye know not of.

  • [I don't think that's exactly what he said].
  • [He didn't say it, I did. Just now.]
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    Fortunately the dragon didn't read this thread with all the parenthetical comments { which are not actually part of the story ] and could decide on its own what its next move would be.
  • Unfortunately his next move was to eat the three unwise men.
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    Fortunately the dragon swallowed them whole like Jonah in the whale.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Unfortunately they gave him terrible indigestion.
  • jrwjrw Shipmate
    Fortunately they got quite comfortable living inside the dragon and grew quite fond of their new home.
  • Unfortunately the dragon coughed them up just as they were thinking of installing carpet.
  • Fortunately the carpet layer forgot to place the order, so she wasn't stuck with 300 square meters of puke green berber.
  • Unfortunately the carpet layer paid for the order she didn't order and can't get a refund.
  • Fortunately, the carpet layer made a shrewd deal with the dragon: free carpeting of the dragon's lair in exchange for leaving the carpet layer and her family alone, in perpetuity. (Except for future carpeting jobs, with a deep discount.)
  • Unfortunately the carpet wasn't fireproof and the dragon was prone to heavy breathing.
  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    Fortunately the dragon's favourite bedding was warm ashes.
  • Unfortunately, the ashes contained a hungry, fussy, newly reborn phoenix, with sharp beak and claws.
  • jrwjrw Shipmate
    Fortunately the dragon took the phoenix to Aberystwyth as a treat, where they both happily munched soggy fish and chips in the rain.
  • Unfortunately the Cliff Railway wasn't running, so they couldn't go up to look at the view from the top.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Fortunately, they wouldn't have seen anything anyway as it was raining.
  • Unfortunately all the trains home had been cancelled due to flooding on the tracks.
  • Fortunately, both of them could fly (and, if the young phoenix tired, it could ride on the dragons back).
  • Unfortunately the dragon was very scary when it flew over I panicked, screamed and this scared the Phoenix who chased me home and then we made friends and we hid under my bed quivering in fear.
  • jrwjrw Shipmate
    Fortunately the dragon managed to get a ticket to see Tom Jones in concert and was in a good mood when he finally turned up at NPNP's house after the concert had finished.
  • Unfortunately NPNP was still frightened and wouldn't open the door.
  • jrwjrw Shipmate
    Fortunately NPNP's house had a secret tunnel which led all the way back to Aberystwyth, the last place the dragon would think of looking for them both.
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