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Another thread made we think that we don’t have a support thread for Shipmates who suffer from chronic pain.

I have arthritis and my hands and knees have pain all the time, but I find this pain easy to ignore.

But I have recently started with sciatica due to a degenerating lumbar spine. Ouch! I’m finding the acute pain very hard to bear.

How do you deal with your pain? (Obviously without giving medical advice)


  • RossweisseRossweisse Shipmate, Hell Host
    I'm sorry to hear that, Boogie.

    I move as much as I can manage; it helps, even with sciatica. During the day I try to make do with ibuprofen. I have wine with dinner, and take stronger meds at bedtime. It helps me.
  • A Feminine ForceA Feminine Force Shipmate
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    CBD. Sorry if it's not yet legal where you are.

    It's 100% natural will not blow a hole in my liver like NSAIDs or ibuprofen, and does not expose me to the risk of accidental overdose like acetaminophen.

    I can go from paralyzed to mobile in 45 minutes. It's a godsend, worth every cent.


  • I have idiopathic peripheral neuropathy, along with some arthritis. Like you I can deal with the day to day arthritis stuff. Going to physical therapy really helped my neuropathy and I have continued to keep moving which is important. On those times when I feel a lot of pain I just say, that is it and stay still. I have learned if I push activity then it only makes it unbearable. . It does sometimes mess up my plans and I may disappoint people but most understand. I also use my cane, when going any distance or on rough ground as I have learned that pride does indeed go before the fall. If all else fails I take a pain pill for a day or two, but try not to get to that stage. I also have learned to pace myself through life. If I am very active one day, I will try and space that off with a slow day the next. Finally as silly as it may sound I talk to my body. "I am sorry you are suffering today, lets work together to make it better tomorrow." and such. Somehow that seems to help me deal with it. Otherwise I start thinking of my body as my enemy.
  • Pain sucks. It's my baseline for every freaking day--my last painfree day was approximately three years ago, and I was so freaked out by it I didn't know what to do. Chronic pain is an expected result of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (hypermobility type).

    I take acetaminophen and ibuprofen together when desperate because I turn out to be insensitive to opiates, unless they're the kind of thing they give you by IV. (Any previous effect was apparently due to placebo, yay.)

    But those don't work terribly well either. The best is getting a massage of some sort--I have a very heavy handheld vibrating thingy, looks like Thanos' glove. I'm going on the theory that the vibration / touch confuses the nerves, and so the usual pain sigals can't get through. I have seen recommendations from a doctor to rub a hairbrush (bristles down) over the skin, or to walk barefoot on gravel. Those feelings are annoying, but they may block much more negative crap from getting through the nerve pathways.

    A good book is always helpful. A glass of wine is nice.
  • GalilitGalilit Shipmate
    Distraction (reading, music, etc)
  • BoogieBoogie Shipmate
    I’m trying a wireless TENS machine in the evenings and it really helps, it’s a distraction but not annoying.

    I just can’t decide whether to put it where the pain is or where the problem is!
  • LothlorienLothlorien All Saints Host
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    As someone with nasty arthritis I have a special interest in this thread. However it is very difficult to walk the line between advice and experience.

    Please be careful to avoid a hint of giving medical advice at all or we will have to close the thread. I do think it can be useful and needed but anything which could be possibly making the Ship liable for advice is just not on.

    Thanks for being considerate.

    Host hat off

    Lothlorien, AS Host.

  • Pain is inherently, in my opinion, not merely a physical thing, but associated with tension and stress, and with emotions. It also wants to bully into being inactive.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    That's a very valid point, NP - when I hurt my knee last summer, it completely jiggered any plans I may have had of walking every day. In fairness, it would have hurt to walk any further than the length of myself, but I certainly avoided any unnecessary ambulation!
  • BoogieBoogie Shipmate
    Pain is inherently, in my opinion, not merely a physical thing, but associated with tension and stress, and with emotions. It also wants to bully into being inactive.

    Very true.

    I really didn’t want to take the puppy for his training walk this afternoon, my mind and body were saying ‘no’.

    But it’s my ‘job’ so I went. I was fine, I was distracted from the pain and it did me good.

    I must remember that next time I get the ‘no’ response.
  • LothlorienLothlorien All Saints Host
    Yes, after a nasty month, I had a flare in hip and that affected muscles down to knee. I could hardly move. I take a script drug and see doctor every 4-6 weeks for a check as I take as low a dose as possible. It affects blood pressure. Eventually I took two doses of an over the counter strong analgesic so I could move. The first time I have had any analgesic like that in about 16 months.. I can now move more easily which is important to keep as mobile as possible.
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