the autonomous material realm as the only breeding ground for the sublime?

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Martin54 wrote in another thread:
if He only does good, then why do we meaninglessly suffer in a cosmos that has no rational trace of Him? The only rationale that I can come up with is that the autonomous material realm is the only possible breeding ground for the sublime (realm).

The related debate gravitates towards B&W polarisation, even among theists, with Deists at one extreme having God just creating the universe & letting it (d)evolve on its own, and the Biblical literalists having God walking in the Garden of Eden and intervening at will to perform miracles. As the truth usually lies in-between such extremes, let me follow up on Martin's rationale in a way that takes atheists to task: if any given universe can create multiverses out of nothing, then surely a past universe could have not only created ours, but also a God of this universe, in which he doesn't play with the dice of quantum mechanics, but loads them a priori, i.e. at the time of creation, so that some future events have a greater chance of occurring than by sheer chance alone, but by no more than, say, a 50% probability, or whatever amount is needed for us to still have free will on the one hand, and divine inspiration on the other.


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