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Hi Admins, now we cant't go out to church, any chance of reviving Church-of- Fools?


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    Sadly, the answer for now appears to be "no", as the technology we used then is obsolete. It would basically involve going out and buying - and staffing - a whole new system. Those of us who were around in those heady days are doubtless finding the experience useful in the many contexts in which our RL churches are struggling to set up virtual church, though. See the discussion here.
  • O well.

    I enjoyed Church of Fools, even though it was rather slow loading (I was still on dial-up at the time!).

    The smiting, by the churchwardens, of Miscreants and Malefactors was fun...

    But I understand the reasons for not starting it up - and there are, as we are finding, many virtual services etc. being set up, doubtless with more to follow.
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    Cecelia wrote: »

    Cecelia, I hope you've noticed this has become a reality here on the Ship for now! Thanks for kicking the idea off!
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