Hell's Basement, calling thingies to hell etc

You know someone is going to ask it, and it might as well be me. Will the officers on the ship and other administrative brass let the swabbies whine and complain in a "Hell's Basement" or calling to hell thread? I only ask because it's a new ship and all of you Masters and Commanders might be feeling generous. And I'm politer than usual, and actually asking versus just doing, like I did the last time, even though you renamed the thread.


  • RooKRooK Admin Emeritus
    I think @Doc Tor was pretty clear before, and this makes for an especially large target on your ass for pretending to misunderstand him.

    Good luck, Hellhost Chow.
  • Doc TorDoc Tor Admin
    edited March 2018
    To clarify (further): once the dust has settled, we're going to experiment with a Griping thread in All Saints, and run that for a while.

    A 'TICTH' thread, or anything similar, will be closed pending this event.
  • Am I allowed to start the Griping thread? I currently have a list of things I would like to rant about - posting at 4am sort of indicates a certain perturbation.
  • I doubt the dust has settled yet. See post immediately above yours. I suspect Hell hosts would be in agreement with that idea.
  • If you want to call something to Hell go for it, a single thread for each thing you want to call. I'm sure you'll find people equally upset about being unable to sleep / awake at 4am. Whether they could be bothered to rant about it may not be so certain. It's going to float or sink. One way to find out.
  • @Curiosity killed Insomnia is hellish, for sure. But remember that if you want a support thread, Hell isn't the place for it.
  • Curiosity killedCuriosity killed Shipmate
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    No, I was wanting to call the following to Hell:
    • chemical burns (suspect one part of the extensive burning is infected and causing the insomnia),
    • neighbours from Hell,
    • cuts in mental health support and
    • cuts to the NHS that mean it's bloody difficult to get burns treated - burns unit or nothing.

    I suspect I could work up a suitably Hellish rant about the last two in one thread, the second and third bullets are linked.
  • My guidance would be that this sounds awfully like a list of gripes and is therefore straying into TICTH territory.
  • Which is why I was asking if I could start the Gripe thread.
  • As per my direction here, this question is better directed towards the All Saints hosts.
  • Curiosity killedCuriosity killed Shipmate
    edited March 2018
    An All Saints host has answered the question with a negative, before your comment. But I'm not in the best of moods and you're up for an argument ...
  • LothlorienLothlorien Glory
    edited March 2018
    It was not a negative but a reply to your comment about dust settling from move. There was discussion on old ship about moving TICTH to All Saints. It was generally supported by hosts of both boards but nothing firm was decided as far as I can remember. This move may surprise some folks but it also needs a bit of working over to get things right.
  • @Lothlorien I realised that's what you meant, and would have retired gracefully at that point had @Doc Tor not intervened.
  • Then clearly the time is not yet.

    We'll have more discussion backstage, and let everyone know when the stars are properly aligned.
  • FWIW, I'd say that there is plenty of scope for ranting about NHS cuts, whether for mental health or more generally. That's without direct personal experience. If you have direct experience and still can't work up a decent rant then it seems to me that there's nothing to put in Hell. Find the prayer thread and get some imaginary votive candles.
  • Doc Tor wrote: »
    Then clearly the time is not yet.

    We'll have more discussion backstage, and let everyone know when the stars are properly aligned.

    My brain worked overtime last night considering a message to Piglet. I woke several times and it was still floating around. She has been both ill and away with family and I would not unilaterally start something like that. But as Doc Tor said, more discussion backstage would be good.

  • balaambalaam Shipmate
    I've been pondering this too. If ranting within All Saints support threads is allowed. Does that mean that what would have previously accepted as hellish can now be expressed in the depression support thread. I've been there and would have appreciated a place for spleen venting.
  • That's probably a better question for the AS hosts to answer than me...
  • I think this question has not been really discussed anywhere. I think TICTH AS style was possibly considered as allowing shipmates to feel they have been heard, especially over what may be considered more minor gripe. One gripe per thread. Sometimes being heard is enough to help.

    Any other thoughts from anyone?
  • This is not to downplay how miserable some things can be, but more to differentiate between the many things which can daily make things miserable for us and the big car crash or serious illness or similar. The toe I stubbed this morning in the bathroom is nowhere near as serious as something like that, even though it hurt a lot.
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