Curious logging in

Hello, just an FYI.

If I use the Sign In option in the drop-down menu at the top of the forum, it doesn’t really log me in, but if I scroll down and use the black and white Sign In button - either on that page or within a sub-forum or even individual thread, there’s no problem.

Quirky, and probably just a combination of me and my browser. It catches me out every now and then 😔


  • If this is permitted to be a general log in query thread, then I would also like to know why it is that - if I don't visit SoF for a few days - it automatically logs me out, even though I say 'keep me logged in'.
  • It does that every two weeks, I believe, whether you say "keep me logged in" or not. I'm on three devices, so I'm always having to sign back in.
  • 4 weeks I think Alan said.
  • Useful to hear that it happens to everyone else too. Thanks.
  • I found that if I log in, and get the login prompt again after I hit the tab for Recent Discussions, then just opening a conversation and then hitting the tab again shows me logged in.
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