What three words?

This is great fun!

Download the app ‘What three words’ and find out where you live. It’s fun - and could be useful one day, maybe, if you got lost.

But now the game ...

Choose three random words and see where it takes you.

I chose three of my favourite things (dogs.friends.chocolate) and it took me to Apache Gas Plant Road.

I showed Mr Boogs and he said ‘I’ve been there on a bike ride, we stayed at Rapid City’. It’s in the middle of NOWHERE in Wyoming! Trust him - he really has been all over the world on that darn bike!



  • Someone at work filled in their lunch request as pasta.apple.yoghurt - and then requested a baked spud! Heaven only knows what they were doing.
  • jedijudyjedijudy Heaven Host, 8th Day Host
    Lamp, table, clock took me south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

    Mouse, rooster, squirrel took me to Kakadu National Park in Australia!
  • Rufus T FireflyRufus T Firefly Shipmate
    edited February 20
    Float, Green, Penguin took me to a very remote part of Western Australia, near Kununurra. It is near the Timor Sea.
  • And Eagle, Otter, Lion took me to somewhere in northern China.
  • BoogieBoogie Shipmate
    The last things I ate took me to Krottenberg in Austria.

    Banana. Biscuits. Cheese

  • Oops! chicken.coffee.apple leaves me in the English Channel, just off of Calais. Does that mean that I'm now out of the game?
  • BoogieBoogie Shipmate
    Oops! chicken.coffee.apple leaves me in the English Channel, just off of Calais. Does that mean that I'm now out of the game?

    Not if you have a canoe! 🛶

  • I have an additional suggestion. Use what3words to find a place at random in the world. Then use the Radio Garden app to find a radio station nearest to that place and listen to it for a while. Is it music? If so, what sort? Is it vouce? Can you understand it?
  • Leorning CnihtLeorning Cniht Shipmate
    edited February 23
    I keep choosing combinations of words that don't exist in its mapping. Literally no combination of words I have tried has existed. Until just now, when I decided I was hungry, but unfortunately, bacon.bacon.bacon is a bit of forest in northern Sweden.

    Amusingly, it's right next to eggs.doorstep.chaps
  • Yesterday, every valid combination I entered took me to places in the States. About a dozen in a row. That's not chance.

    So I gave up and spent a happy 30 minutes listening to radio stations in Madagascar and Mali and then found St Helena's radio station - they were playing Love's Theme by the Love Unlimited Orchestra. Talk about turning your clock back 50 years!
  • junkie stupid protozoa is not on planet Earth
    jungle soup pants likewise
  • DafydDafyd Shipmate
    Time.lord.doctor isn't on earth either.
  • BoogieBoogie Shipmate
    Hands. Face. Space is in the sea just off Llandudno 🙂
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