Olympic Google Doodle

Has anyone played the Olympic Google Doodle? I have spent more time than I care to admit to over the past couple of days warping Lucky the cat around Champion Island. I think the rugby and the skateboarding are my favourite mini-games but really it's the general 8/16-bit ambience and gentle sense of humour that I like. "Far better than it needed to be" as one review said.


  • Thanks for drawing my attention to this!

    I have played table tennis, and a kind of synchronised something-or-other which involves tapping your direction buttons at particular times. Harder than I thought!
  • Then there are all the good neighbor tasks.
  • Yes I like those. Lucky puts me in mind of a feline Dogtanian (for 80's children's TV buffs): obsessed with sports rather than swordsmanship and relentlessly upbeat. I particularly enjoyed the task where the fat noodle-eating cat is persuaded to resume sports training.
  • BTW the doodle does allow you to remap the arrow keys to other keys which can make it easier for rapid hitting of different keys. Just quick on the compass in the top left hand corner.
  • I've been having fun with it too - but it's now off the Google page - so here's a link
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