Zooming Along

Silver SwanSilver Swan Shipmate Posts: 7
Here’s an idea. A friend was telling me about an international 10 Steps meeting which since the pandemic has been open 24/7 and anyone can join in, be given a warm greeting and hear the prayers, and either observe or take their three minutes to give their testimony. It reminded me of the old St Pixels services which I loved to attend.
Is there anything similar in Christian worship, and if not, how about someone gets one going?
(Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place. I check in on the prayer thread regularly but am not too familiar with the forum generally.)


  • Are you asking whether anyone knows of such a service? In which case we'll move this thread to an appropriate forum. The closest I know of is the prayer wall at 24/7 Prayer which is a text only place to post your prayers (I suspect that some here would have issues with their theology ... but, that's a different subject).

    Or, are you asking if the Ship might be able to develop such a service? In which case we can call it Ship's business. Though, I can say that we don't have the resources to do something like the original Church of Fools (we did look at that at the start of lock-down, though we did have a short series of online worship using Zoom).
  • Silver SwanSilver Swan Shipmate Posts: 7
    Unless there is already such a service, I’d appreciate to know of it, otherwise I was suggesting that some kind souls might consider setting up a permanent or frequent zoom room.
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