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... what's epiphanic about muh topic? Because it won't get the serious discussion it needs there.


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    It's part of the current culture wars which people on the other side from you use to attack people of colour, (and also to attack historians like the one you cite so as to go on to attack people of colour by saying the Empire was a great thing and how dare anyone say different) .

    I thought of replying to it as a shipmate but because it was about the Church of England and I'm Church of Scotland and a Scottish Church historian and don't know enough about the Church of England in Ireland and India, I didn't reply. I also found parts of it a bit hard to follow or fully understand which put me off replying, and it seemed to require very specialised historical knowledge which even a history geek like me didn't have at my fingers.

    Maybe try broadening it out a bit so it doesn't require so much specialised historical knowledge to have an opinion?
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    Also if you cite an entire book in your OP you'll be very lucky if anyone has read it and has an opinion. Maybe see if the historian in question or another historian of violence in Empire has written an article that other people could more easily read and discuss with you?
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    Martin54 wrote: »
    ... what's epiphanic about muh topic?

    What isn’t?
    Because it won't get the serious discussion it needs there.

    I’ve read it five times and I still can’t see much to discuss there. Your whole thesis is “imperialism sucked, the church should have done more to stop it”. Were you hoping for someone to challenge you on either of those points?
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    Thanks @Louise.

    @Marvin the Martian, no. It can't be challenged.
  • That seems to have answered the query, thanks to all for the polite and reasonable posts.

    With that, I'll close the thread

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