The Scariest Place

CarpenterlyCarpenterly Shipmate Posts: 4
A short poem, written as always, to create a cathartic experience from an unpleasant one:

Poem The Scariest Place

I'm the one
That that hears your whimper
That  sees your fear
That feels your terror

I have witnessed all the scathing
Insults, powerlings
Jockeying with their counterparts
To win the blessings from on high

I've seen almighty ones make love ins
Trade the pawns from down below
To make themselves
Enriched and glow

I've smelt the fear rise up inside
Of poor new subjects
As they slide, caught in the games
Of those above
And sense their ending
Feeling tamed.

I've heard them simper
Feel their place
As someone greater
Sniggers down
Cruelly makes them
Feel, now simpler

If you haven’t guessed already,
I'm not from another realm
Or even evil, pleasure seeking.

No, those games controlling,
Terror making, crushing,
Are not from me but what I sense
From hearing, seeing, feeling
Ultimately end in crying

Within the walls this show
Of human beings here to know
Apparently, God's only son
The one who showed
You how to be and love him so

Especially inside the room
That links to this
Where people go, pretend to worship
Come out Holy, all but Godly

Then to so show you all who's boss
Will push my door to make the tea
Serve the cakes, the biscuits, coffee

Wash up pots and helpers with them
Drop them, beak them to the floor

It breaks my heart to see them so
Perhaps you've guessed
I am that seeing, hearing, feeling,
One and only
Church Hall's Kitchen door!


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    Greetings and welcome to the Ship of Fools, @Carpenterly!
    I hope you will introduce yourself in All Saints in the Welcome Aboard! thread!

    I hope you have read the 10 Commandments and the FAQs. The last of the FAQs regards intellectual property of the Ship which says that the Ship shares copyright with the authors of posts.

    I hope you find this information helpful!

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  • CarpenterlyCarpenterly Shipmate Posts: 4
    Thank you, @jedijudy . I shall leave an introdctory post in due course.
  • EirenistEirenist Shipmate
    Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral has been called the most terrifying building in Europe, I suppose because it is vertiginous.
  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    St Padarn's, Llanbadarn Fawr. Coming back from college to town, we had to cut through the churchyard - or risk joining its inhabitants by taking the blind bend road. Something about the tower - 13th C and massive - looming. And the box tombs by the doorway looking like carelessly dumped deliveries.
  • SparrowSparrow Shipmate
    A few years ago I was on a tour of southern Germany which took in a visit to Nordhausen/Dora, one of the Nazi underground factory complexes which assembled parts of the V1 and VII rockets using slave labour. We were shown through the network of underground tunnels, now dank and dripping and oppressive.
    But even outside, the atmosphere of evil and fear was palpable. Truly a haunted place.
  • ArielAriel Shipmate
    edited March 18
    My mother found the Jersey Underground Hospital a really unsettling and horrible place. I haven't been there myself, but I understand she wasn't alone in feeling that. It's another place built by forced labour.

    I haven't been to Auschwitz either and have no plans to go - it's often included in tours of Poland but I wouldn't think it likely to put anyone into the holiday spirit - but I imagine it's probably full of atmosphere and "echoes" and that feeling of presences.
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