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We seem to have mislaid the threads on dieting and keeping fit in the move (apologies if they are here and I've not spotted them), so I thought it was time to start another.
At the moment my fitness regime seems to be on hold as the hot weather does not make me wish to go down the gym, and I haven't been swimming either as I know the pool will be packed out, well at least that's my excuse. My husband and I have been going to the local park to play frisbee or for a stroll round the neighbourhood most evenings, so all is not completely lost.
As for dieting. I could do with losing a stone or so, but various stress issues mean I'm reaching for the cake and wine, neither of which is helping.
How's everyone else doing?


  • ClimacusClimacus Shipmate
    I signed up to a 100 day 10,000 step challenge. It keeps me walking for an hour or 2 after work which seems good for my mental as well as physical health. I wish I had a day off now and again, though; sometimes I just want a rest.

    My diet could be better. Eating better lunches but dinners are not always balanced. Stabilised weight, so that is a good thing. Could lose 5 or so kilos. I'm also on meds that make me retain water so that can be annoying.

    Thanks for starting the thread, and best wishes to you and all.
  • I'm not doing that well either, Sarasa. I was signed up for 1000 miles, which I more than achieved last year, nearly reaching 1500 miles. I was hoping to aim for 2000 miles this year, but have abandoned it as not really possible. That and most of my other usual exercise options have been kyboshed for this year.

    Normally I'd be trying to organise monthly Ship walks to meet up, but not this year.

    Positively I'm not eating too badly.
  • CaissaCaissa Shipmate
    I captain a team in our local tennis league. Our team ranges in age from 37-62. That keeps me active from May until October. I need to do better at staying active in the winter months.
  • Lily PadLily Pad Shipmate
    My clothes are tight! I'm hoping things straighten out. Okay, I'm hoping I wise up. Poor choices and stress eating do not make for a slimmer me. However, we took some photos last night while my brother was visiting and I am only in one but I look really good, if I do say so myself. So I am glad about that.
  • PriscillaPriscilla Shipmate
    I lost a stone and a half last year by going to a weekly class and watching my "syns". This year has been poor - I started the year at 10st and am at 9st 10 now. 2 holidays and a heatwave haven't helped ☹️
  • If you can build activity into your day, it helps a lot. Taking the dog out, active transportation to work. It's what we do.
  • On the down side, my poor twisted leg muscles prevent me from doing too much in the way of exercise, though I try to get some each day (walking - albeit only short distances at present - light gardening at church, palace-work, etc.).

    On the up side, the simple manipulations prescribed by my osteopath are beginning to have some effect. Slowly. I like to work on electrical time, but Mother Nature (or God) works on horticultural time, IYSWIM.

    My GP says my potassium levels are rather low, which may contribute to muscle pain/weakness, so I am avidly devouring BANANAS, and other potassium-rich foods, such as SWEET POTATOES, ALMONDS, SALMON, SPINACH, CHICKEN - the use of capitals indicates that this diet is not a penance!

    I could do with losing a stone or so - I am naturally a Tall Thin Person - but being steroid-dependent means that some weight gain (albeit stabilised at present) is unavoidable, so I am told.

  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    I have both diabetes and gout, both of which can be helped by diet. Unfortunately not terribly congruent regimes: gout recommends carbs, dairy, fruit and avoid the oily fish! Diabetes wants you to avoid carbs, low on the fruit (fructose!) and dairy and is wildly in favour of fish.

    They only meet somewhere over lentils and some, but not all (spinach, mushrooms and asparagus are Evil) vegetables.

    Anyone has a square for this circle, I’d be glad to hear it.
  • Following a "now you are ahem years old" health check I was told to lose weight and prescribed 3 months with a certain weight loss programme (uses points) and lost 10%, just over a stone, in those 3 months. Since then I've lost just over another stone by following the principles of that system, and am aiming for another stone before I stop. Exercise has been unconventional since breaking my leg at the 10% stage - I'm sure lugging a plaster cast and then a big boot around must count as weightlifting.
  • Ouch daisydaisy! Those boots are a pain. You might be able to get something like a “gym prescription” though.

    I signed up for a gym this week but I haven’t been since. Although I have even for a lovely walk involving a picnic and am planning another walk for tomorrow. The slight issue might be the overenthusiam for the picnic part!
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Caissa wrote: »
    ... I need to do better at staying active in the winter months.
    I totally sympathise, Caissa - during the summer (except on really hot days) I try and go for a short walk each day (recently I've taken to going across the river and back on the walking-bridge across from the Cathedral while D. practises in the church), which is lovely. Whether it burns any meaningful quantities of calories is another matter.

    However, once the weather starts getting too Canadian ( :mrgreen: ) I kind of give up, as walking in snow and rain just doesn't float my boat.

    I really ought to check out if there's an indoor walking-track here.

  • Piglet wrote: »

    I really ought to check out if there's an indoor walking-track here.
    That reminds me of the long galleries in grand houses that were used for just that. Would an indoor walking-track include a bridge though?
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    The only one I have any experience of is in the PE department at the university in St. John's - it's a track of (IIRC) six or eight lanes, of which the inner two are for people walking and the rest for runners. It forms an oval round some basketball courts and has a very slight incline, so you're getting proper exercise. I used to go with a couple of friends occasionally during the winter when outdoor walking would have just been miserable.
  • sabinesabine Shipmate
    I live in an urban neighborhood, so I get plenty of walking exercise just doing my errands. Unfortunately, the grocery market is right next door, so I end up using far less calories than I eat when I buy food.
  • SarasaSarasa Shipmate
    I've managed to do a bit more the last couple of days, a fairly gentle visit to the gym on Wednesday and then zumba and pilates classes yesterday. I also had a quite a fun fribee session with my husband on the local playing fields yesterday evening. I may be in my sixties but I can chuck and catch a frisbee a lot better than the students having a half-assed attempt yesterday. There was a local group, not sure who they were, playing rounders. That looked like fun.
    I'm off on a retreat, so I expect lots of lovely stodgy old-school vegetratian cooking for the next few days. I'll think about diets when I return.
  • sabine wrote: »
    I live in an urban neighborhood, so I get plenty of walking exercise just doing my errands. Unfortunately, the grocery market is right next door, so I end up using far less calories than I eat when I buy food.

    Well, I used to get a fair bit of walking done, simply by marching to the little Co-Op at the top of the hill, and then marching down again! Alas, I simply can't manage the hill anymore, so tend to drive to the relatively-small corner shop of Mr. Tessie Cohen, in the next town.

    There, I can park quite close to the door, and support myself with a trolley whilst I gather my needs for the next 2-3 days. By picking an off-peak time (e.g. late weekday mornings), it's by no means too arduous a task, and the staff are friendly and helpful to a Poor Old Git With A Stick.

  • sabinesabine Shipmate
    @Bishops Finger I may be headed for the cane, myself, depending on the outcome if tests in August. If so, I'm thinking that swimming may be in my future. There are no gyms with pools that I can easily get to. But it might be worth while to take a cab once a week.

    But I don't know yet if this will be needed, so I continue walking. Temps here are around 90/32 these days. Whew!
  • O dear. Yes, swimming can be good, though I'm not really a water baby, and, like you, there are no pools within easy reach.

    OTOH, I've been reminded once or twice recently that cycling is also good, if one has legs reluctant to walk...

    It so happens that, despite this being a rather hilly town in general, it would be possible for me to cycle more-or-less on the level on a riverside route from home to nearby city centre (with Castle, Cathedral, nice cafes, etc., etc.).

    Said city has a large cycle-shop, which I must visit forthwith, I think.

  • NenyaNenya Shipmate
    On a good week I do four Zumba classes which I love. If I cut out the refined carbohydrates (biscuits, cakes, chocolate) and the alcohol I'd probably be losing weight, but that's not going well just now. I haven't been on the scales but am not liking what I see in the mirror...
  • ClimacusClimacus Shipmate
    I bet you're a sight for sore eyes Nenya! We can be so critical of ourselves. Be kind to yourself.

    BF's biking descriptions reminds me I have one in the shed, and there are plenty of bike paths here.

    It is several hours walking on a 19th century explorer's track today and some downhill snow skiing ('tis Winter here!) tomorrow. The skiing isn't so much physical exercise as mental wellbeing. A day in the snow does wonders for mentally and psychologically.

    sabine: if I lived next to a shop I'd live on peanut M&Ms and salt & vinegar crisps all week. Mine is a 10 minute walk away and I need to lock myself in to prevent temptation! :wink:
  • sabinesabine Shipmate
    Climacus wrote: »

    sabine: if I lived next to a shop I'd live on peanut M&Ms and salt & vinegar crisps all week. Mine is a 10 minute walk away and I need to lock myself in to prevent temptation! :wink:

    Don't give me ideas. :) They have strategically placed the candy bins by the door.

  • ClimacusClimacus Shipmate
    Ha ha.

    Well I did about 3 hours of walking today. I have done longer, but it was pleasant and I kept a brisk pace. Even saw some native wildlife.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Three hours!!! I'm exhausted after about 25 minutes ...

  • Ha! Three minutes, and I'm knackered...

    Wot is this Elf and Phitt Ness of which you speak?

  • We're told 35-35 minutes of exercise is required to start getting the happy neurochemicals going, the ones which help create mindfulness. You've got to actually raise heart rate, sweat a little to get benefit. Mental and physical health are both promoted.
  • Praps thaz wye I carnt spel propporlee....

  • @NOprophet_NØprofit - yes, I know, and it so helps when I'm really struggling with not being able to go walking and/or cycling as I normally do, to have someone come and tell me that I need to do this for health. I know this, I realise I need to get out, but I sunburn in all daylight at the moment and the sunblock is only so effective and not for that long. And I can't blow my nose or wipe the sweat from my brow without having to stop and reapply the gloopy crap. It being the hottest, sunniest summer for 42 years is not helping.

    (I had a rough day yesterday from sunburn, still not comfortable this morning, after the work barbecue on Friday, even though I was getting stick because it was really cloudy and I was making a fuss, wasn't I?)
  • You've probably tried this, but is there any mileage in a Keffir worn Tuareg style across the face & a long sleeve kaftan. I mean as a clothing choices they were designed for this kind of weather - and full cover up might allow you less struggle with the sun block.
  • When I was livin in the Middle East, I did go so far as to get a burka cos I could wear a t shirt and shorts underneath without attracting comment or sunburn.
  • I'm wearing very covered up hats worn low and scarves wrapped around my neck, throat, shoulders and top of my arms with cream underneath - and I still am struggling - it was my cheeks, neck, shoulders and chest that were in big problems yesterday. And I was outside with just the hat and scarf on for about half an hour when it was cloudy, and again a bit later for about half an hour with cream, hat and scarf on; it was a bit sunnier then.

    I can get away with shorts/skirts and short-sleeved t-shirts, because my arms are fine below my elbows and commuting on the tube in that lot is not a lot of joy. But I don't really want to cycle or walk in a burka. The skin around my mouth, cheeks, forehead and nose are all still not great.
  • When I had badly burned legs in summer, I wore long floaty cotton dresses which helped keep sun off my legs.
  • None of this helps me get outside to go walking or cycling.

    <continuing tangent>I'm wearing polo t-shirts to cover my neck, shoulders, chest and top of my arm. I bought 10 of them in 5 different colours (white, pale blue, cobalt blue, red and jade) when I realised I was not going to be able to wear any of my summer t-shirts this year, and probably not in the future looking at the scarring. With sunblock underneath on the burns and scarves over the top. (The darker ones have to be pre-washed to get the sunblock off.)</continuing tangent>
  • I'm sorry you're going through this Curiosity, and I'm sorry people around you are giving you grief.
  • ClimacusClimacus Shipmate
    Sorry to read CK. I can't imagine what it is like.
  • sabinesabine Shipmate
    @Curiosity killed it gets very cold and snowy where I live, very very. So when I don't feel up to that weather I walk in my own home.

    Ok, you might think this sounds boring or that I'd get in the way of others. Both are true. Here's how I do it. First, I decide to do 10 mins at a time. Second, I let people who might be around know what I'm doing. Third, I listen to a playlist with earbuds.

    Ten minutes goes faster than you think. I schedule another later in the day. I also do standing push-ups against the wall if I get bored with walking through the rooms if the house.

    Oh, and as an added bonus, I usually find things that need to be put back to their regular place, so a little bending and stretching happens.

    I know it's tough to get a lot of suggestions sent your way, but I'm hoping maybe something about my winter plan can be adapted to your circumstance.
  • @sabine - I'm doing all that, and walking to the tube station to get to and from work and walking around inside the work buildings.

    But that isn't getting me the 25-35 minutes that @NOprophet_NØprofit came on to the thread to tell us we all needed to do, and what I started challenging. Not just for me, but because there are several of us who aren't in the position to just go out and exercise in the way he's instructed us we have to.
  • sabinesabine Shipmate
    @Curiosity killed I'm pretty sure NoProfit was referring to recommended guidelines (I've seen the same), but my own doctor told me that if that can't be accomplished, the next best thing is to do what you can. And it sounds as though you are doing just that.

    My downstairs neighbor walks with a cane. I see her spend 5 minutes walking up to the corner and back. That's 5 minutes less sitting.

    The best we can do in life at any moment is to do what we can with an eye on the day when we can do more.

    Good luck.

  • finelinefineline Kerygmania Host, 8th Day Host
    No Profit’s advice won’t work for everyone. It will vary according to different people’s bodies and health conditions. For instance, the thing about needing to raise heart rate and sweat a bit to get benefit simply doesn’t apply if that happens when you just stand up and wander to the kitchen to make a cuppa. If it did, I’d be super-fit by now!
  • In all fairness, No Prophet did say 'We're told 25-35 minutes of exercise is required', as others have correctly pointed out, this is something to aim for, rather than A Law Of The Medes And The Persians, Which Altereth Not.

    On reflection, during the course of an average day, if I potter around at home, or at church, I probably do get at least that amount - but in very small doses, IYSWIM.

    My GP does indeed advise me to keep as active as possible, without laying down any particular guidelines, as does the osteopath I am currently visiting every couple of weeks!


  • finelinefineline Kerygmania Host, 8th Day Host
    I know - wasn’t criticising No Profit for saying it, just agreeing with Curiosity that it’s not always possible, for all sorts of people, so that it wouldn’t seem personal to her.

    I have unpredicatable health and can’t always exercise, but I try to as much as I can. I have a mini trampoline in my living room and I like to bounce on that. And I like to sometimes go for a walk in the woods, because it is the one place where it’s nice and shady in all the heat. Also I like to go swimming, but haven’t for ages. I want to get back into it though.

  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    sabine wrote: »
    ... I walk in my own home ...
    When we moved into our current house, which is long and single-storeyed, D. complained that it seemed like a heck of a walk from one end to the other. It's not really - the house is 76 feet long, which is no distance really - but I suppose I could take to walking from one end to the other a few times a day once the weather gets un-ambling-friendly.

    I think today's exercise is likely to be mowing the grass. It used to be D's domain, but it occurred to us that there was no reason why I shouldn't do the flat bits; the lawn slopes steeply down towards our neighbour's house, and I really don't fancy tackling that, so he can keep that bit.

  • I had no wish to criticize at all. Its more Dory than devil: "just keep swimming" in my view. Except it's a dog that tells us. And the old cat wants to come so I carry her.
  • Bishops FingerBishops Finger Shipmate
    edited July 2018
    No, your advice was good.

    I like the idea that one should use one's residence as an indoor ambling venue - the Palace is about 30 feet long, so a few rounds a day shouldn't hurt!

  • sabinesabine Shipmate
    I used to own a Fitbit. It told me how many steps I'd taken in a 24 hour period, how many calories I'd burned and the distance covered. Alas, I lost it. But it was helpful while I had it.
  • finelinefineline Kerygmania Host, 8th Day Host
    I have an app on my phone called Walkr. It tells me how many steps I’ve walked (so long as I’m carrying my phone when walking, or if it’s in my pocket or something) and lets me virtually discover planets and feed them - it’s an entertaining game, even when I don’t walk any steps!
  • O well, I'm sure discovering, and feeding, virtual planets is a Good Thing, whatever....

  • finelinefineline Kerygmania Host, 8th Day Host
    Ha, it is - I quite like the concept of giant sonic toasters and coffee makers! 😄
  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    This weather I can break sweat just breathing. If I want to become an ambulant sauna, I can do housework. I have to say I’ve done several 30+ minutes of that this week without experiencing anything in the way of chemical reinforcement other than a transient satisfaction that the carpet no longer crunches and I can see out the kitchen windows.
  • Having gone back up to my top weight in May, and having a limited selection of clothes which fitted comfortably, but being reluctant to start buying a size up, I started to increase my exercise and cut out biscuits etc.

    July seemed to be a good opportunity to really go for it as the North East Man was going abroad for 16 days. I challenged myself to hit all my fitbit targets every day - 10,000 steps, 11 flights of stairs, 5 miles, 30 mins of aerobic exercise and 2532 calories burned. I've managed so far, averaging over seven miles a day. I live in an area which is ideal for country walks, and the glorious weather has helped. I've also been swimming.

    I'm 13lbs down on my top weight and enjoying getting back into clothes I haven't worn for months.

    The North East Man comes home tomorrow. We are going to have to rethink aspects of our life. He is very time poor and having a coffee and a cake is one of the things we do together. In fact eating is our main shared activity. If I'm going to continue to lose weight that has to change.
  • HuiaHuia Shipmate
    edited July 2018
    I have a CD of several sequences of stretches ( based on yoga moves I think) lasting from 15 to 30 minutes. I don't do them everyday(laziness), but when I do I always end up feeling energized and more connected with myself, particularly if I have pushed myself to hold a challenging stretch a few seconds longer than previously.

    For me the hurdle is pushing myself into starting. I know I will feel better when I've actually done it, but procrastination is a well honed habit. :anguished:
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