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Board Intro
Kempistry is a board about personal prayer, spirituality and devotion. Here we share how we live our faith day by day, from cooking special food over favourite prayers to deep contemplation. All practices and experiences of dedicating heart and mind to the transcendant are welcome as topic of discussion, whether following ancient tradition or idiosyncratic experimentation, from the smallest of habits to souls soaring to the sky. However, it is individual spirituality and how we share it with friends and family that is the focus here, not liturgical prayer or other formal worship within a wider community.

Posting Guidelines
Standard posting rules for Purgatory will apply, but with considerable lenience towards "sharing" rather than "discussing". For example, simply listing a favourite prayer concerning some topic is only marginally "discussing", as it does not directly and explicitly engage with what other posters have said, but it is valid "sharing".
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