Fortunately, Unfortunately



  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    Unfortunately, by the time they got to Aberystwyth it was after 6 pm and Everything Was Closed.
  • Unfortunately, NP left a trail of crumbs from his fave snack, and the phoenix left the aroma of ashes.
  • Unfortunately that assumption was totally incorrect because (as any fule knoe) Aberystwyth is a particular hotspot for Dragonus Cambrienses (and very little else).
  • jrwjrw Shipmate
    Unfortunately the Unfortunately Police turned up on the ship at this point and arrested everyone on suspicion of too many 'unfortunatelys'.
  • [I rather thought something like that might happen]

    Fortunately someone had the idea of beginning a new story, but unfortunately he couldn't think of one.
  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    Fortunately at that very moment an eistefffod broke out and the place was awash with bards only too happy to recite stories.
  • Unfortunately they could only recite them in Welsh.
  • Unfortunately, unbeknownst to them, the aforementioned flood had invaded the tunnel.
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    Fortunately the double unfortunately-ness (Welsh, flooded tunnel) and the infection with eistefffod (presumably this is a disease given that it "broke out", no doubt itchy?) was treated and otherwise rectified with very good drugs combined with a fine meal.
  • Unfortunately, this rich combination led to Consequences Which Could Be Expected.
  • jrwjrw Shipmate
    Fortunately there were plenty of public conveniences at the eisteddfod.
  • Unfortunately the comprehension didn't improve as the story continued, so the crowd rioted.
  • Fortunately they rioted very politely.
  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    edited September 2019
    Unfortunately it got about that someone had insulted their venerable institution of eisteddfodau, and soon the mob were heading up Gt Darkgate St with flaming torches.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Fortunately it started to rain (it was Wales after all), which put out all the torches.
  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    Unfortunately (or not) this being Wales, they had miners' helmets and were able to continue their march up Penglais Rd.
  • jrwjrw Shipmate
    Fortunately the phoenix had got a load of his mates together to attack the mob and rescue his friend who had been the cause of the trouble in the first place.
  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    Unfortunately their escape was blocked by the Borth Mountain Rescue Team who were out on manoeuvres it being a Saturday.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Fortunately, the Mountain Rescue chaps were called out to an actual Mountain Rescue, leaving the escape route clear.
  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    Unfortunately, owing to some lousy map reading, they ended up in Llanbadarn Fawr.
  • jrwjrw Shipmate
    Fortunately Julie Andrews (who was trapped up in the mountain while the rescue team argued over the map reading in Llanbadarn Fawr) was able to make herself feel better by singing 'My Favourite Things'.
  • Unfortunately she ran into the Huntsman who was looking for Sleeping Beauty who started to chase her, yelling "stop the singing!"
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