Finding If An Old Thread Still Exists

Nearly sixteen years ago someone started a "Poetry Chain" on a forum I belong to. She mentioned that she came across the idea from Ship of Fools.
The thread she started has been running continuously on there ever since, but the forum will be closing down later this year.
I was just wondering if it is still a functioning thread here on Ship of Fools, in which case I might join in occasionally, otherwise I am thinking of starting it up on yet another forum.

I imagine that it would have been in the Circus, but I haven't spotted it on the first page. Is it worth me persevering with my search there, or is it no longer an active thread?


  • GwaiGwai Epiphanies Host
    It was less than 16 years ago that we stopped closing threads for being ten pages old and o course that would have been on the previous boards. I'd vote that if you are interested in joining in on a Ship poetry chain, start one.
  • I don't think there's anything that old retained in Limbo on the old boards, and a search didn't reveal an obvious candidate for the original thread (and, yes I know the search function there was always very flaky).

    As @Gwai said, there's no reason why a new poetry chain couldn't be started here.
  • Thanks for trying - I don't think I'm up for starting a new one here at the moment, but would have been interested in taking a look at the 'original' if it had been extant.

    I will concentrate on starting one for the benefit those migrating from the closing one to another, continuing, book forum.
  • Golden KeyGolden Key Shipmate, Glory

    If we had a poetry chain, how would it work? Take turns contributing a line, and maybe have certain rules re rhyming, etc.?

    If so, then it sounds like a poetry version of our "Three Word Story" thread in Circus. It has close to 4,000 posts and 78 pages. If we can handle that, we can handle a poetry chain.

    I think it would be fun. :)
  • BoogieBoogie Shipmate

    I had a wander round Oblivion and found this one -
  • Certainly, when I was a Circus host, we recommended very few threads to be kept. The whole point of Circus threads was that they were silly little distractions, to keep our spirits from getting too bogged down in the more serious, and sometimes depressing, deeper issues of life. But, just occasionally, there was a golden thread of wonder, which took on a life of its own. Some of those were kept, so it is always worth a look.
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