Ship of Fools: Brilliance of the Seas, Somewhere in the North Atlantic Ocean

imageShip of Fools: Brilliance of the Seas, Somewhere in the North Atlantic Ocean

Ship of Fools

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  • Takes me back to my OE, travelling from NZ to the UK in 1958; there was a bishop on board who took Sunday services and I was roped in to play the piano, a Presbyterian learning to accompany Anglican chants.
  • A lady of my acquaintance went on a cruise last year, and attended a Roman Catholic Mass celebrated by one of those former Anglican bishops who converted to the Ordinariate a while back.

    Although she herself is an Anglican, and has no desire at all to cross the Tiber, the former Bishop (who knows her personally, anyway) kindly allowed her to receive the Sacrament whilst on board ship.
  • I had never stopped to consider religious services may be on ships. Thank you, Isla White, for this peek into a service on the high seas*.

    * surely a missed opportunity for a zinger referencing singing high-Cs. :grimace:
  • Al EluiaAl Eluia Shipmate
    edited November 2018
    You may be interest in a MW report I did on a Catholic Mass on another cruise ship a while back.

    ... Well, maybe not all that interested. For some reason most of my report is missing.
  • Amanda B ReckondwythAmanda B Reckondwyth Mystery Worship Editor
    It appears there was an error in the porting-over process for this report. I have corrected it and the report is intact now.
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