Decorating Heaven for Christmas

jedijudyjedijudy Heaven Host, 8th Day Host
jj looks around the halls of Heaven

Don't you think we can get this place looking a bit more festive? I know we have differences of opinions about trees and creches, but *looks around* this place is huge! There is room for everyone and for all decorating choices!

I think the first thing I want to do is to throw a Christmas shawl on the grand piano. There is a variety of sacred and secular Christmas music books on the shelf beside the piano, and anyone who wants can sit and play for us as we decorate. This wooden bowl full of shiny antique glass ornaments will look pretty sitting on the shawl, I think.

...jj walks over to the china cabinet situated in the place of honor by the fireplace...
...she picks up one of the angels that have been lovingly placed there...

Look! This angel is Uncle Pete! Here's Erin, and many beloved Shipmates. When we put the Christmas trees up, let's make one as our Angel tree. I think the little blue spruce with the soft white lights would be good. What do you think?

Come on! Help me decorate! <3


  • But Christmas is five days away! We haven't even gotten to Advent IV!
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    There's always the Advent wreath in the centre of the dining table. The first three candles (two purple, one pink) are already lit and burning merrily (this is Heaven, so they're everlasting), and the wreath is beautifully wrought with garlands of holly and ivy.

    Every window has a candle-bridge making the place look festive, welcoming and Scandinavian. :)

    I do love the idea of the Ship's angels. :cry:
  • LydaLyda Shipmate
    I'll set up a table with a tiny village by a mirror lake. But the Ship's tiny village has buildings and vegetation from all the places there are shippies: UK/Europe places, US places, Aussie and Kiwi places, and all the other places I'm forgetting. And lots of cool churches and chapels. And parts with wintery scapes and parts that are summery with bbq grills. Think chaotic but lots of fun!
  • Graven image hobbles outside with a step stool and starts to work on the double wide pearly gates. A large wreath trimmed with red apples, the sign of hospitality, and a large silver bow is attached to the center of each gate. Small christmas trees in silver pots, with white fairy lights, and trimmed with small red bows stand are placed on each side of the gate.
  • SparrowSparrow Shipmate
    edited December 2018
    Is there a place for my knitted Nativity? Mary is looking very, very, very pregnant, and the donkey keeps falling over ... he is obviously tired!

  • There is an empty stable stood on top of one of lower bookshelves maybe they could go there?
  • RossweisseRossweisse Hell Host, 8th Day Host, Glory
    Don't forget the Advent angels; there's a nice spot on the mantel for them. On Monday evening, we can put a creche there.
  • jedijudyjedijudy Heaven Host, 8th Day Host
    You all are so much better at the decorating arts than I am! Could someone please unwrap all the ribbon that's tangled around me, please? I really shouldn't be allowed near the children's table.

    Speaking of the children, they have crafted these beautiful paper chains and several popcorn and cranberry strands! After Epiphany, we can decorate the outside bushes with the corn and berries for the birds and deer!

    The taller children placed their creations around the big picture window and down the banister of the grand staircase. It's a good thing they're taller than I am, or I might have been decorating the chair rail. :blush:
  • I've made several dozen star-shaped sugar cookies and have six colours of icing and a bunch of different sprinkles and coloured sugars. I hope there are some more children available to decorate them. If not, search out that inner child and get to work please. There is nothing like a cookie table to had a little sweetness to the season.
  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    I’ve brought in the Yule log, decked it with greenery, doused it in ale and now I’m off to mull some cider.
  • Bringing eggnog, and dark rum to put in it, and nutmeg to sprinkle on the top.
  • Music on during decorating session? I brought Bruce Cockburn's Christmas album and the first Sufjan Stevens festive box set. Well, I brought the second one too, but I won't put it on unless someone has a go at me, and this being heaven, they won't :smile:
  • RossweisseRossweisse Hell Host, 8th Day Host, Glory
    I have the new King's College Choir Christmas recording to put on.
  • jedijudyjedijudy Heaven Host, 8th Day Host
    And afterwards, I'll sit at the piano to play some of the nice carol arrangements! There's a really nice O Come, O Come Emmanuel in one of the books.
  • RossweisseRossweisse Hell Host, 8th Day Host, Glory
    Yes - after all, it's still Advent!
  • MaryLouiseMaryLouise Purgatory Host, Epiphanies Host
    Coming in to listen to jedijudy on the piano and then King's College Choir, bringing a large bowl of pomegranates, oranges and limes.
  • NenyaNenya Ecclesiantics & MW Host
    Ooo. *Sits to listen to the music and feast on fruits. Supplies copious amounts of festively decorated napkins. Winds garland of greenery and lights down banisters*
  • jedijudyjedijudy Heaven Host, 8th Day Host
    After gathering all the festively decorated napkins :lol: and putting them into a very safe place, I just sat in the dark, enjoying the peace and quiet and all the Christmas lights.

    I see the Wise Guys are getting closer to their destination!
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