Ship of Fools: Spirit of Hope, Peoria, Arizona, USA

imageShip of Fools: Spirit of Hope, Peoria, Arizona, USA

Easter Sunday sermon by Simon Peter’s wife

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  • jpersjpers Shipmate Posts: 1
    I am a new attender to this church (last 2 months). We do have fellowship after the traditional service every Sunday morning with excellent (OK, good) coffee! You missed an extremely moving Good Friday service. I have attended 4 different Methodist churches in my life and this is church is at the top.
  • Amanda B ReckondwythAmanda B Reckondwyth 8th Day Host, Mystery Worship Editor
    Perhaps next year. But why was there no announcement re fellowship and coffee?
  • Perhaps there was, but with so many and various announcements, at so many and various times, maybe Miss Amanda simply missed it?

    Just sayin'
    (*ducks to avoid flying bottle of Smelling Salts*)

    I'll get me coat, and make sure I'm outside the door when I shut it.
  • stetsonstetson Shipmate
    Welcome, jpers.
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