MW Reports: Photo Requirements

All Mystery Worship reporters please note:

Photos submitted with Mystery Worship reports should, if at all possible, be from your own camera. All photos must be landscape oriented (i.e., wider than they are deep). We cannot use portrait oriented photos (deeper than they are wide).

Tips for taking good photos:
  • Stand far enough back from the subject to get the entire subject into the picture.
  • Stand so that the sun is at your back. If that is not possible, at least stand so that the sun is not pointing directly into the camera.
  • Hold the camera straight.
  • Do not tilt the camera up or down.
  • If you cannot hold the camera steady, prop it against something sturdy to minimize the chance of it moving. Use a tripod if possible.
  • Study the shot before pressing the shutter button. Is it focused? Is there anything extra in the shot that shouldn't be there? Does it look like objects behind the subject are growing out of the subject?

If you must submit a photo taken from another source, such as a website, please identify the source. Most photos that appear on the Web are copyrighted. We cannot use copyrighted material unless we obtain permission to do so from the copyright holder. In most cases the copyright holder will grant permission. However, in the past, we have seen instances were our request has been ignored, as well as instances where the copyright holder has denied our request, sometimes in rather nasty terms! Therefore, please understand that if we have to hunt down permission to use a photo, it will most likely delay the publication of your report.

All that said, we consider photos found on the church's own website to be "fair game" unless there is a clear indication that they are copyrighted. Likewise, photos that are in the public domain may always be used without permission.

Thank you for your understanding of all of the above.
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