Epiphanies Guidelines

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This is our space to discuss issues where people are personally invested, and where academic detachment just isn't possible.

1. This forum is for topics where issues and identity significantly overlap, plus threads moved from other forums if the Crew think this is appropriate.

2. This forum is for serious discussion of these topics and will be allowed to reflect all widely held views, even if they are considered offensive by some. It is not intended to be an echo chamber, nor yet a pillory. Purgatory Guidelines also apply.

3. This forum will be more closely hosted than the rest of the Ship. For example: Some phrases or sources may be ruled off limits on a particular thread as they are seen as unhelpful. Circular discussions may be closed. Tangents redirected. This change doesn't alter the other forums - hosting will still be light in Purgatory, Kerygmania will still be for discussion of specific passages and themes and explicitly not for discussion of inerrancy/infallibility, etc.

4. Shipmates are encouraged to PM a Host about material that is, in their opinion, of dubious provenance or from overly partisan sources.

5. Thread titles need to be clear so people know exactly what they’re getting into. Unclear thread titles will be amended.

6. Your Hosts here are @Barnabas62, @Louise, and @Gwai.
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