Ship of Fools: St Mary’s, Lastingham, North Yorkshire, England

imageShip of Fools: St Mary’s, Lastingham, North Yorkshire, England

Yorkshire tea and talk of sheep – our Mystery Worshipper was delighted to be there

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  • ex pat travellerex pat traveller Shipmate Posts: 1
    Thank you for this report. I do not live in the UK now but have visited St Mary's which I found a most delightful church as is Lastingham (and the pub across from the church!). I was born in the East End of London and baptised before the war in the Mission Church of St Cedd, so I have always had a fond spot for him. I have yet to visit his church of St Peter at Bradwell but it is on my bucket list if I live that long. Cedd died on 26th October 664. .
  • One of the things I miss about daily Morning Prayer at Our Place is the fact that we used the C of E (or, more accurately, Franciscan) calendar, and so became accustomed to celebrating these excellent British saints!

    Alas, Father NewPriest's re-introduced daily Mass (which is to be commended) follows the Roman calendar, so we miss out on some of our more local 'Saints', and 'Holy Ones'.

    Not that Saint Johnny Foreigner is to be despised, of course, but I really do prefer to mark our Own...after all, the history of the Church in this country is awash with them...old, and new!
  • like Little St Hugh, poignantly remembered alongside St Hugh, in Lincoln.
  • How was the crypt ventilated by a piscina?

    To judge from your photo it is not ventilated enough - as there appears to be green mould on the walls. This is often a problem in ancient crypts - I think of Canterbury, Hexham, Worcester and Hereford among those I have visited recently. In all of them there was a distinctly dank smell. One can see why so many fell into disuse....
  • Charles Dickens (in The Commercial Traveller ) describes the dank smell emanating from the crypts of churches in the City of London as 'essence of dead parishioner'.

    There, that'll cheer you up, no doubt, on a distinctly damp, and mouldy, day!
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