Ship of Fools: Queens College Chapel, Oxford, England

imageShip of Fools: Queens College Chapel, Oxford, England

Brass bird and advice for God - but splendid!

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  • NunlikeitNunlikeit Shipmate Posts: 1
    Re the homeless 'outside' - concerted efforts by the city council, other homelessness agencies & city churches are bearing fruit & the numbers of known rough sleepers have been reduced by half this last year. I know that student groups, particularly through the University college chapels, do much to support homelessness charities and projects both financially & practically.
  • So glad to hear it. I did see fewer rough sleepers. Then I wonder what has happened to them!
  • I used to worship there occasionally when an undergraduate at Queen's. We didn't hear sermons about poverty in those days, but dry as dust ones about abstruse theology. But Oxford has in general changed a lot since my day—and very much for the better—and I am glad to hear the sermons have too.

    The organ at Queen's is an exceptional instrument—one of the triumphs of the early classical revival in organs, commissioned from the Danish firm of Frobenius in 1965. It is always a delight to hear it.
  • You couldn't have been there when Austin Farrer was chaplain, so the sermons must have got drier before they moistened up again. He was anything but dry, though some might have found him abstruse occasionally.
  • I dont think Austin Farrer was ever Chaplain at Queen's Coll Oxford, though he was at several Oxford institutions, in one capacity of another.
  • Good Lord! I'm wrong again. It was Trinity.
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