Ship of Fools: St John and St Barnabas, Belle Isle, Leeds, England

imageShip of Fools: St John and St Barnabas, Belle Isle, Leeds, England

Not the end of the world

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  • I am interested to read that the intercessions came from our Lady.It is great to hear that the intercessions are a two way thing. Our Lady must be very pleased that the parishioners are praying her rosary.
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    I'm sure She is!

    Our Place used to sometimes say part of the Rosary after the weekly Wednesday evening Mass, but, with a 730pm start, it could make for quite a long service after an even longer day's work...

    I guess that, during Lent, one would use The Sorrowful Mysteries? FatherInCharge hasn't introduced (or reintroduced) the Rosary yet, though there are one or two folk who would like him to.
  • BTW, this church has an interesting history, having been built to replace two older churches demolished (along with their parishes!) in a massive 1930s slum-clearance scheme.

    The Vicar of one of the closed churches - St Barnabas, Little Holbeck - was Rev Charles Jenkinson, who became a Labour member of Leeds City Council in 1930. He was instrumental in getting the old houses cleared, a new estate built, and the new church of 1938 provided for the people displaced from the slums.
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    Need to take your sandwiches with you when flitting to book at that altar!
  • Yes, but only as long as you DON'T eat them before the Consecration... :flushed:

    I wonder if they still use this altar, as opposed to a westward-facing nave altar? I can't find an online photo, I'm afraid, but their use of the current Roman Missal would suggest that such might be the case.

    Our Place's original High Altar is not quite as wide as this one, but forms an equally impressive backdrop to the chancel (we have a free-standing altar, quite close to the congregational seating).
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