Ship of Fools: First Presbyterian, Paducah, Kentucky, USA

imageShip of Fools: First Presbyterian, Paducah, Kentucky, USA

The peace of the Lord ‘played in Paducah’

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  • Thanks for another “roaming” report, Miss Amanda! FWIW, I got curious and went looking, and it appears that what they did was put pictures of the bulletin (4 pics for 4 pages) on their facebook page.
  • Amanda B ReckondwythAmanda B Reckondwyth Mystery Worship Editor
    Which explains why I didn't see them, as I was busy watching the live feed.
  • Yeah, I think you’d have to have the live feed on one device (like your computer) and have the bulletin on a second device, like a smart phone. Which, to be honest, is how I’ve been doing church recently. We walk around the corner to watch the live stream at my mother-in-law’s. Our bulletin is in pdf (emailed to everyone in the congregation and linked to on the YouTube page for the live stream), and I print 2 copies for them. We watch on my iPad, and I read the bulletin on my iPhone.

  • Bishops FingerBishops Finger Shipmate
    edited April 2020
    Re the sermon at Paducah - it sounds very like that preached by a Scottish Bishop at the service I watched online this morning!

    Same Gospel, and so very appropriate for current circumstances.

    BTW, the Scottish Episcopal Church provides the liturgy as a PDF, so it can be downloaded beforehand and printed out, much as Nick describes.
  • Our vicar sends out the format of the service beforehand too — problematic if you’re not on his list of likely participants.
  • O dear. Whatever do you have to do, in order to get onto his list?
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