Ship of Fools: The Church of Reconciliation, Taizé, France

imageShip of Fools: The Church of Reconciliation, Taizé, France

Beautiful, with Merlot and cheesy biscuits – but oh, those wall hangings!

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  • I visited Taize in 1964 and in about 1986; for some years I was NZ contact for their newsletter, and had a lot to do organising Taize worship in our own congregation. There was a time when we had occasional visits to NZ by one of the brothers. So it gave me enormous joy to see it turning up here! Now I must go back to their web site.
  • Alan29Alan29 Shipmate
    I have been a couple of times. A wonderful, inspiring place. Last time there were 8000 people singing the chants in harmony to the accompaniment of a single guitar to keep it all together - it sent shivers down my spine.
  • It might be worth mentioning that Evening Prayer is broadcast live every day on the Taize Facebook page - 730pm BST, 830pm Central European Time.

    The Brothers started this live-streaming as long ago as 16th March, and presumably will continue to do so.
  • Closet DruidCloset Druid Shipmate Posts: 35
    I visited Taize for Easter in 1977. It was a wonderful experience in many ways. Travelling with a group of people I only met near Lord near Westminster Abbey and the camaraderie that developed as we travelled; ;
  • A wonderful memory, indeed.

    I guess Taize has been going for a long enough time (80 years!) for thousands of people worldwide to have had similar experiences, which doubtless have sustained and encouraged their Christian faith.
  • Closet DruidCloset Druid Shipmate Posts: 35
    Somehow or another my previous post got into the system before I could either complete or edit it. What wanted to say was that I met with a group of fellow pilgrims near Westminster Abbey and enjoyed their company on the journey. The worship was quite an experience having come from a low Anglican background! The chants and silences and the slight whiff of incense heightened the senses, and sitting on the floor for services and for meals was a bit of a novelty (French loos were another experience all together!!) All said and done, it was because of the numbers that were at Taize that Easter, that the experience of a new style of worship and of living in very basic conditions stays in the memory.
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