Ship of Fools: First Baptist, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

imageShip of Fools: First Baptist, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Being 'In Touch' virtually

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  • It's my impression that Baptists expect a sermon of maybe 45 minutes, and perhaps regard it as a teaching session. For us Presbyterians 15 minutes is ideal, and I see from Mystery Worshipper reports that 6-10 minutes is fine for a Catholic homily.
  • PendragonPendragon Shipmate
    You can't be done and dusted in an hour with a Mass if the sermon goes much over 10 minutes.
  • :lol:

    We have one couple at Our Place who insist on the service being no more than one hour in duration, because (they maintain) the Bishop Says It Must Be So.

    He doesn't, of course, but they make sure that they come in late, so as to be in church for only one hour. If FatherInCharge preaches for more than 10 minutes (he usually averages 12), and then there are quite a few notices, the same couple will leave during the final hymn, without waiting for The Angelus, or even to say Cheerio to the rest of us...

    ...and yet, if we don't turn out to slave for them at the Jumble Sale or Quiz Night they've organised, we never hear the end of it...
  • Dr. Stanley passed on to that Great Pulpit in the Sky on April 18, 2023. The Sunday morning broadcasts of In Touch Ministries still feature him preaching his sermons, which is a little spooky. I find it amusing to watch him preach in his perfectly tailored suits, contrasted with so many local TV news anchormen who wear suits that are obviously too small for them.
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