Ship of Fools: St Spyridon, Kingsford, Sydney, Australia

imageShip of Fools: St Spyridon, Kingsford, Sydney, Australia

Greek coffee break in the middle of the liturgy in a highly friendly parish church

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  • Nick TamenNick Tamen Shipmate
    Thanks so much for this report, @Augustine the Aleut. It was nice to read a report on an Orthodox service, as we don’t get those very often. And that you got to experience the, as you put it, ethnic side of Orthodoxy as well—and in a country other than your own, no less—definitely added to the report. Thanks!
  • SojournerSojourner Shipmate
    Likewise enjoyed it. St Spyridon is a 20 min bus ride from home and well known to me. It is closely associated with a Greek-inclined private school and is a nice mix of trad Greek orthodox and Anglo: most parishioners are 2nd and 3rd generation in Oz
  • Gee DGee D Shipmate
    We went there once, when the junior clerk on the floor was being married. Neither of us felt very welcome there, but then again, that was 40 or so years ago.
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