Ship of Fools: St George’s, Bickley, Bromley, London

imageShip of Fools: St George’s, Bickley, Bromley, London

Bells and smells, beautiful music, appropriate hymns, plus delicious coffee and cake

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  • It's good to see such an excellent Report about this church, which I know slightly. It's one of a number of Anglo-Catholic churches in the Bromley/Beckenham area, and does indeed have a light and spacious interior.

    A good friend of mine was brought up in the parish, and remembers the church before the fire - I understand the interior was rather dark, many windows having been blocked up (!), and, in a way, the fire did the parish a favour by letting the sunshine in...

    A quick look at their website reveals that the liturgy in use is the current (rather clunky IMHO) Roman rite, commonly found these days in A-C churches in England.
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    Please continue the discussion about rites and liturgies in Ecclesiantics, where there's a shiny new thread waiting for you all.

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    Bishops Finger - I also remember it pre-fire, in Fr Hugh Glaisyer's last years of ministry there (was it 54 years as incumbent?). I believe he had the windows bricked up early in his ministry to give the place a more 'religious' light. I remember the Lady Chapel furnished with invididual prayer desks so that each congregant could be 'alone with God'.
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    Yes, the 1989 fire (during another long incumbency) was a blessing in disguise, resulting in the light and airy interior the MWer mentions.

    The church has one of the most beautiful interiors in our Diocese, IMHO at any rate! There are some good photos in various places on their website.
  • I lived near St George's in the 1980's before the fire. I never went to any services there in those days, but I often sat in there for quiet reflection as it was usually open during the day. Although it was quite dark in those days, it was indeed atmospheric, and conducive to contemplation. I moved away in 1988 before the fire, but in 2012 I attended a Mass there which I thought was beautiful. This thread has inspired to to plan another visit soon.
  • Well, I'm sure you will receive a warm welcome if and when you do visit again!

    A friend of mine was brought up in the parish, and has retained close links with the church for a good 40 years or so - she was delighted when I referred her to this MW Report.
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