Ship of Fools: St John the Evangelist, Ranmoor, Sheffield, England

imageShip of Fools: St John the Evangelist, Ranmoor, Sheffield, England

Excellent singing and Christmassy feeling at this Advent carol service

Read the full Mystery Worshipper report here


  • EnochEnoch Shipmate
    As a matter of curiosity, bearing in mind Sheffield has a long-standing tradition of singing their own carols, different from those in the rest of the country, and of singing familiar carols to their own tunes, did this Gaudeamus draw on that tradition? Or was everything just like it might have been anywhere else?
  • ClimacusClimacus Shipmate
    Thank you, St John. Enjoyable report.

    I missed Advent and Christmas last year... This reading was a nice substitute.
  • The traditional carol sings were all in pubs - list
  • GraceGrace Shipmate
    edited July 5
    Sorry - only just realised there's a comments etc facility.

    There was a carol specifically composed, though some verses seemed to have been left out. No local carols.

    It was director of music slowed things down.

    I have since been to an evensong & a concert by some of the adults in the choir, both of which were good.
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