Ship of Fools: San Ignacio, Montserrat, Buenos Aires, Argentina

imageShip of Fools: San Ignacio, Montserrat, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ship of Fools

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  • Some reading in the years since I wrote this indicates that Pope Francis, in his pre-episcopal days, was stationed out of this church for several years.
  • Interesting! Can you say what particular activities he was engaged in (apart from saying Mass, I guess)?
  • He was then the Jesuit provincial, so I imagine that it was lots of administration and personnel stuff, of interest only to people desperate for PhD thesis topics. I gather from a reference or two that he was involved with work with students-- a Jesuit specialty and it would be odd if he hadn't been. However, this was also a period where his authoritarian administrative methods (for which he has signally apologized and repented) got him sent to Cordoba for two years' rustication, which seems to have been his personal turning point.
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    Thanks, @Augustine the Aleut !

    I take it that being sent to Cordoba is not necessarily A Good Thing...

    Still, if he made mistakes, was corrected, and learnt from the experience, that surely is A Good Thing, and to his credit.
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