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  • Cheese and green bean risotto here (using up the food in the house). Also having gin and tonic to ward off malaria from the mozzie bites I keep getting ;)
  • BoogieBoogie Shipmate
    Fish and chips - we took my brother out for a meal, it was very tasty. 🙂🙂
  • Try smearing a very small amount of GIN onto those exposed parts of your person to which mosquitoes are attracted.

    When they then bite you, they will become drunk, and will therefore be easier to catch and eliminate.

    They will also die happy...
  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
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    The bananas are lying around in rum and maple sluryp. The cauliflower is in the oven under layers of cheese sauce, bacon, more cheese.

    I have suggested to Mr F that chilled cider may be called for.

    (Devil of a job not augmenting the cauliflower with Yuman Sweat. I am melting like a glacier here).
  • BoogieBoogie Shipmate
    Sluryp :tongue:
  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    As is often the case, it was a better meal than many a more planned one.

    We are running down the stocks of artisanal cider from Huntingdon (nearly last bottle of Cromwell's Downfall). But there appears to be a cider farm just up the road from where we’re staying Thursday...
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Firenze wrote: »
    ... I am melting like a glacier here).
    Are you saying that Embra's rather warm? :sweat_smile:

    While I'd like to order a little sunshine, I only want it in moderation ... :flushed:
  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    Warm for Embra. Plus the kitchen is south facing.

    I see today is scheduled to hit 25° (Mai goodness! It’ll be the lightweight tweeds Moira!)
  • BroJamesBroJames Purgatory Host, 8th Day Host
    Aye, but you’ll still be needing your semmit. Ye dinnae want to catch your death.
  • 32 degrees predicted here in Cambridge. Our terrace house just bakes in the heat.
    Results day for my students so I’m busy fielding emails today of both the congratulatory and conciliatory kind.
  • BoogieBoogie Shipmate
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    Yesterday I was stung by a wasp on my foot, I batted it off then couldn’t find it. Today I stood on it with my other foot and it stung me again!

    Now I’m laid up with both feet like balloons and ice packed. 🙄

    I’m allergic to wasps so I have to look out for anaphylactic shock. I’ve taken strong antihistamines.

    I was fine yesterday, my blood pressure dropped but no other symptoms. Today’s sting was much weaker as the beast was dying anyway.

    I have two epipens if needed - but hopefully not, I really want to avoid a trip to hospital.

    Wasps hate me! 😡 🐝
  • KarlLBKarlLB Shipmate
    They're talking 34C for us later in the week. This is a serious problem. I've got to work out how to cross the ground between home and work. It might as well rain sulphuric acid for how it'll feel.
  • Wesley JWesley J Shipmate
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    It's currently 32°C in this neck of the Continental Woods (woods? I wish!). Forecast is 34°C for today, Tuesday, and then up to 36 or 37°C on Thursday, with at the weekend comparatively moderate high to mid-twenties.

    Our media say, oh, this is nothing compared to June, back then that was after a cold spell, but now, in July, everyone's well-prepared and their bodies have been able to adapt to the heat now. Riiiight. (They probably type this from air-conditioned offices!)

    Some of the trains and more modern buses are very nice though, with fully functioning a/c, and I'm just back from one supermarket where it was definitely chilly... but unfortunately the place doesn't lend itself to a prolonged stay. It is nice however to be cooled down for a few minutes every now and then.

    Hope everyone will cope well! <votive>

    NB. Sorry about the stings, Boogie! Nasty White Anglo-Saxon Protestants! I hope you'll recover swiftly! :smile: <votive>
  • My car (which never tells a Lie) said it was 34C today, but in this corner of Bojoland we have a nice north-easterly zephyr to temper the heat a little.

    The Co-Op corner shop was well air-conned this morning, but not to the extent of feeling chilly (they have it just about right), as was the Health Centre where I go for my Pilates tortureexercise session each week.

    Take care, peeps. Drink lots of ALEcooling fluids...
  • And, of course, Air-con contributes to global warming by consuming energy, quite possibly generated from fossil fuels.
  • Hmm. You have a point. I don't use my car's air-con, preferring to open the window instead.

    Personally, I can live without air-con, though the corner-shop staff might beg to differ (well, as far as their working conditions are concerned). Trouble is, they don't really have any windows they can open, to let in any passing breeze!
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    I do feel suitably guilty about the air-con, but without it in the house and the car, I'd be truly miserable. Having said that, it's still only 18° (at just after 11 in the morning), so I haven't needed it yet today.

    We're invited to a barbecue at the Deanery this evening, which should be nice if the weather holds (it's been threatening rain). Unfortunately, it's likely to be at the hottest time of the day; I don't understand why it tends to be hotter at 6 in the evening than it is at noon here, but it quite often is.
    The barbecue has somewhat thrown off my fridge-clearing plans, as we won't need too much lunch if we're eating later. We have, however, got a couple of corn-cobs that need to be used, so they'll do nicely.

    I might, however, make some SOUP in the afternoon for tomorrow - possibly minestrone. We've suddenly realised that the pack of tomatoes we got at Costco the other day is humongous, and there may have to be chutney manufacture before we head off - I don't think it occured to us when we bought it that we were quite so close to going away!
  • Bishops FingerBishops Finger Shipmate
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    Re air-con, we haven't really needed it in this country until recent years.

    Perhaps, with global warming on the increase, we should think about employing people to operate Fans, and create Balmy Breezes. It's been done before, elsewhere...

    There! Our unemployment problem will be instantly solved, and British manufacture of the Fans will ensure economic growth!

    I'll get me coat...

  • No, don't - you'll be far too hot. Swimming trunks might be more appropriate.
  • Wesley JWesley J Shipmate
    Do elephants wear swimming trunks, one wonders.
  • Only. if they remember to put them on. Size XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL
  • Boogie - what a nightmare!?! I hope you are feeling better soon.

    We generally don’t need air con in the UK but I’m definitely melting without it.
  • No swimming-trunks (Episcopal or otherwise), as the World is not ready for the sight of my Knees.

    The Hot Weather is obviously fostering Whimsy and Phantasies...
  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    One thing with the new boiler - I don’t actually have to switch the CH off. It has the wit to know that if 20° is what we want, then if it’s 27° it needn’t bother.

    It’s just a pity it doesn’t have a reverse setting.
  • ClimacusClimacus Shipmate
    No swimming-trunks (Episcopal or otherwise), as the World is not ready for the sight of my Knees
    As befits your Episcopal status, you could put out the call for mass baptisms in the Thames; Orthodox priests seem to go in rivers fully garbed.

    Best wishes to you all. It must be very challenging when houses, infrastructure, etc. is not set up for such things. And the BBC reminded me of the 2003 heatwave and the terrible deaths from it. Stay as cool and hydrated as possible.

  • By dint of keeping windows and curtains closed all day we have managed to keep the temperature in our SE-facing sitting room down to 25C. It still seems warmer than that outside, even with the sun going down and a breeze picking up.
    Walking around barefoot, feeling grateful for the concrete floors we are usually cursing.
  • NenyaNenya Shipmate
    We've also kept our windows closed all day and some curtains too. Definitely cooler indoors than outside. Mr Nen's just gearing up to start watering the garden.
  • Unfortunately our bedroom is in the roof space and so very warm. I have got the electric fan on standby!
  • Our bedrooms are west facing, so not comfortable even in a 'normal' summer. Absolutely awful atm.
    Currently putting off going to bed as I will have to close the window (we're in a bungalow). I've had it open since it got dark in an attempt to get some cooler air in, with little success :(
  • finelinefineline Kerygmania Host, 8th Day Host
    It's been a hot day here, but now there is lots of thunder and lightning and pouring rain.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    At least that should clear the air a bit.

    The barbecue was very enjoyable - the weather co-operated beautifully, and at 22° it was lovely sitting out on the deck. Good food, abundant wine and good company.

    Sadly though, the final score was Wee Bitey Things 2, Piglet 0.

    Not that I had the horrid reaction poor Boogie's suffering, but they will intermittently itch.
  • Amazing thunderstorm last night, with some lightning strikes very near and veritable cascades of rain.
  • Wesley JWesley J Shipmate
    Nights are really a bit strange here, in this AD 1856-house in Continental WesShire. It was clearly built for cooler weather!

    We had 34°C at the height of the day, at night luckily down to about 15 or 16°. My problem is - how do I get the bleedin' heat out of the building at night?! During the day, windows and shutters are closed, which works fine, but it heats up nonetheless, to the extent that it was still between a baking 27 and 28° inside past midnight (!), all windows open. Some of the shutters had to partially remain closed though due to biggo street lighting, and also because the flat, on the 1st floor, is quite exposed and is in the village centre. No louts tonight luckily, probably too hot even for them!

    24°C inside now, in the morning, yet practically no draught. I'm certainly no draught-dodger. Where hath the wind gone? I may have to resort to a/c train and bus journeys today, besides copious cooling showers.

    The weekend brings rain and storms and the mid-twenties. Gah, I am really looking forward to that!

    <votive> for all affected, man and beast and Mother Nature.
  • Wesley JWesley J Shipmate
    Piglet wrote: »
    [...] Sadly though, the final score was Wee Bitey Things* 2, Piglet 0. [..]
    Glad the barbie went well. And unfair about the *WBT - I mean, did you even get a chance to bite back? Foul play, that's wot it is! :)

  • The thunderstorms missed us last night.
    I was awake until 3am, then up at 06:15, watering the container-grown beans and tomatoes, by which time the sun was already shining in through the french doors into the sitting room. Temp indoors at that time was 24C. so, no matter how tightly I close windows and curtains today the only escape from the heat will be in the shower. :(
  • Wesley JWesley J Shipmate
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    Yes, you really don't sleep much in these elevated temps, do you! I know how you feel Roseofsharon! I'm just knackered throughout the day. But I do have a little lie-down later, so it's like sleep in instalments.

    Hope all goes well! :(

    (Oh, and here, a belated matinal breeze hath arrived! Yippie!!)
  • BoogieBoogie Shipmate
    We had a huge thunderstorm too - my plants are nicely watered. Today it is a pleasant 20 degrees so far.

    My wasp stings on my feet have gone down and are no longer huge balloons - I spent yesterday with my feet up applying ice packs 🙄 ‘tho they are still itching and burning, I’ll manage a dog walk in the shady woods.

  • Kept awake by the thunder - an immense crash right overhead at about 1am. I didn't think I'd want to get up to go swimming - but I did. Shortly to take the Missus to the Welsh course she's doing this week - they're going to visit St. Fagan's (Museum of the Year 2019) today but must speak Welsh as they do!
  • SarasaSarasa Shipmate
    I don't think we had rain, or if we did it was long gone by the time I got up. Our plum tree has produced rather a lot of sweet yellow plums so help yourself.
  • As of this morning, we swap the C for an F.

    [/political diatribe]
  • Wesley JWesley J Shipmate
    ThunderBunk, as far as I'm concerned, the 'C' in question can 'F' orff. (Add appropriate asteriskes where and if desired.) :D

    It's too hot to think, anyway!

    But your quip reminds me that I need to go to the hairdressers soon, so thank you.. :)
  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    Thunder and lightning here last night, and a lot of Gloom this morning.

    We are about to drive off into, heading south unfortunately.
  • Stormy all night here too. The rain seemed more persistent than it was heavy but the lightning was pretty intense.
  • A bit of a south-westerly breeze is coming in from the channel, and the west facing bedrooms are comparatively cool. I will be taking a nap very soon as, once the sun moves round to the front the bedrooms, they will become unbearable again.
    Dreading tomorrow's "promised" high temperatures - just hoping the channel breezes will still be around to take the edge off it.
  • Lily PadLily Pad Shipmate
    Wesley J, in the evenings, try turning some fans around so that they are blowing air out of the windows. That way, cool air has to come in from the other side of the house to replace the warm air that is leaving. #prairiechild #onlyincanada
  • MooMoo Kerygmania Host
    Piglet, I wonder if your WBT are the same as a certain biting insect common in New England. The common name is 'no-see-ums'.
  • sionisaissionisais Shipmate
    Mrs Sioni spent half an hour outside about midnight watching the sheet lightning circling our house from a mile or two away. The rain came later, but we could still hear thunder.
  • sionisaissionisais Shipmate
    The Met Office forecasts a 60% chnce of temparatures of 39c tomorrow. That is above body temperature so unless you are used to it stay indoors, keep well hydrated, move slowly, cover your skin properly and try to keep quiet (to avoid dehydration).

    OTOH, if you have to work outdoors in that heat, as my dad did for fifteen years, you know the routine so take care. I think his personal best/worst was 116F/47C in the shade, and he wasn't in the shade. For a boy born in Edinburgh that's quite a difference.
  • Wesley JWesley J Shipmate
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    Sheet lightning? Ah yes, the entire linen suddenly being illuminated! It's like St Elmo's Fire!

    If find it handy if you're looking for something at night. No need to turn on the bedside lamp. :)

    Ok, I'll get my towel.
  • DooneDoone Shipmate
    Kept awake by the thunder - an immense crash right overhead at about 1am. I didn't think I'd want to get up to go swimming - but I did. Shortly to take the Missus to the Welsh course she's doing this week - they're going to visit St. Fagan's (Museum of the Year 2019) today but must speak Welsh as they do!

    I’m so pleased to hear of the award for St. Fagin’s, I’ve visited twice in the last few years and absolutely love it! And free admission too! Superb place.
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