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Hello and welcome to the Ship of Fools forums. Whether you're a new arrival or a long-term lurker, why not join us? It'll take just a few minutes – use the Register button on the right. To make sure we're all singing from the same hymn sheet, please check our 10 Commandments and FAQs; please also read the warning at the entrance to Hell before visiting any threads there. The old Ship of Fools boards are here.

Category List

  • The Styx
    Whether you need technical help, have a question or a bright idea about the forums, or just want to practice your BBCode before you wreak havoc elsewhere, welcome to the Styx.
    RSS Feed 215 discussions 8.5K comments Most recent: Ableist slurs by Patdys October 22
  • Heaven
    Tell a tall story, recommend a movie, share a recipe, confess your TV binge watching, discuss whether the church cat should wear liturgically correct collars. Welcome to paradise.
    RSS Feed 64 discussions 12.7K comments Most recent: Toilet Seats Up or Down? by Boogie 8:30AM
  • Epiphanies
    Our space to discuss issues where people are personally invested, where academic detachment just isn't possible, and where issues and identity significantly overlap. Special Guidelines apply.
    RSS Feed 54 discussions 10.2K comments Most recent: While the blood never dried, what was the CoE doing? by Martin54 October 23
  • Purgatory
    Pull up a chair, get your brain in gear, and prepare for some serious time in Purgatory. This is our proper debate space for theology, ethics, politics, science, tech and culture.
    RSS Feed 293 discussions 43.8K comments Most recent: Class in First Century Palestine by MaryLouise 7:10AM
  • Hell
    Got a complaint, rant or a personal argument to settle? Welcome to Hell. Warning: You may encounter offensive language. You don't need to enter, but read the guidelines before you do.
    RSS Feed 41 discussions 21.8K comments Most recent: All will be... by Pangolin Guerre October 23
  • All Saints
    This is the place for all things community, with crew meets, birthdays, announcements, congratulations and prayer requests. Just arrived here? Say hello on the welcome thread.
    RSS Feed 109 discussions 50.7K comments Most recent: The Untied Kingdom? - the British thread 2021 by Boogie 8:33AM
  • Ecclesiantics
    Looking for the rite stuff? This is where we talk about everything to do with church liturgy and worship practice, from thuribles and hymns to tambourines and slide projectors.
    RSS Feed 176 discussions 15.1K comments Most recent: Intercessory Language by Cyprian 7:38AM
  • The Mystery Worshipper
    Pull up a pew and dip into comments, corrections and discussion about Mystery Worshipper reports. To add a new thread, go to the individual report and post a comment there.
    RSS Feed 195 discussions 2.2K comments Most recent: Ship of Fools: St Magnus-the-Martyr, City of London by KarlLB October 23
  • Kerygmania
    This is Ship of Fools on the Bible, where we look at biblical books, passages, episodes, characters, and even individual verses. Find online Bibles here: Bible Gateway, Oremus and Crosswalk.
    RSS Feed 187 discussions 6.7K comments Most recent: Paul, guilty of 'mortal sin'? by Martin54 October 23
  • The Circus
    Anyone for celebrity death pool? Or everlasting sentences? How about a round of spot the weird headline? For quizzes, wordplay, polls and competitive hymn writing, look no further.
    RSS Feed 49 discussions 35K comments Most recent: Just Two Words by mousethief 6:58AM
  • Dead Horses
    Back in the day, all the usual subjects that were flogged just a bit too enthusiastically were corralled here so they didn't have to be endlessly rehashed on the other forums. May contain nuts.
  • Limbo
    The threads that were reasonably deserving while they were alive are sent here for long-term storage. They're archived for reading only.
    RSS Feed 116 discussions 46.4K comments Most recent: Heaven: March Book Club - Girl, Woman Other by MaryLouise April 1