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  • We had some rain between 6 and 7 this morning, but not enough to be useful, so I had to water the pots again. Heard rumbles of thunder and saw a couple of lightening flashes while I was doing that, but no more rain so far.
    It became quite steamy, and hot when the sun broke through, but is now quite fresh, and all curtains, doors and widows are open to give the house an airing.

    Found two more cucumbers ready to pick this morning, and there are two or three that will be ready tomorrow. I'm beginning to wonder what to do with them - we have plenty of pickle already!
  • PriscillaPriscilla Shipmate
    It was 28C in Cardiff yesterday evening, and still 19C when we left the St Davids Hall. We went to see the Spooky Men's Chorale, who were excellent.
  • We went to St. David's on Monday for the jazz concert - it was quite chilly in the auditorium!
  • ThomasinaThomasina Shipmate
    Hot, heavy and humid here. I'll water the courgette, rest will have to wait for the Promised Rain!
  • Bishops FingerBishops Finger Shipmate
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    A pleasant, sunny evening here.

    But we shall Pay For It - You Mark My Words!

    More rain, thunder, etc. etc., according to the Met Office, which in all fairness generally seems to get it right.

    Some serious electrical stuff had to be carried out in the engine-room of the Ark this afternoon, in order to get the fresh-water supply system working again. A 12V (car-type) battery works a neat little pump, which, when turned on, takes the water to hot/cold taps in galley and bathroom (washbasin/bath/loo).

    The battery turned out to be embu**ered, so off I had to rush to a certain car spares shop beginning with H, to purchase a new one. Whilst there, I bought a diddy little battery (motorbike/scooter for the use of), to act as power source for the engine-room bilge pump. Some water (mostly rainwater) had collected in the bilge, so it seemed a Good Idea to empty it out...

    So, £100 (and 2 bottles of Belgian beer) later, it's all up and working, the engine-room is tidy, and the various electrical thingies (battery/pump/charger) are all in a handy position for me to get at, just below the hatch, rather than down in the depths. My wonky brain makes it difficult for me to hoist my legs over various raised bits of coaming, and onto the engine-room access ladder!

    A good afternoon's work.
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    A cooler, pleasant day here today. Cloudy but still warm and dry. Now a very fine spray of moisture is spitting out of the skies. Just enough to annoy but not enough to moisten the hanging baskets.
  • shamwarishamwari Shipmate Posts: 48
    I am totally confused and bewildered.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    It's very warm here too: 29° and feeling like 31, and due to be Even Hotter (complete with a Heat Warning) over the weekend and into next week. Have I mentioned that I'm looking forward to Civilised Temperatures?

    @Roseofsharon, if you've got spare cucumbers, what about making tzatziki or raita? Nice and cooling to serve with grilled or barbecued lamb or a gentle curry!
  • MiffyMiffy Shipmate
    Japes, thanks! It wasn’t too bad in the end, apart from the start of the return journey when the section of underground I needed was closed for an hour or so. From hearing the news later, I discovered I must have got home just before the delays began.
  • The day continued pleasantly, comparatively cool but still warm enough to go about without a cardigan or jacket. Mostly overcast with some sunny intervals. Raining now.

    Having complained vociferously about the heat, and the need to keep watering the veggies, all week I am shortly going to start complaining about the rain. Granddaughter has her 10th birthday on Monday, so the plan for this weekend is for a barbecue with both sets of grandparents in attendance.
    Weather forecast? Heavy rain both days.
    I'm just never satisfied!
  • At least the cooler weather will make curry a welcome change to our menu instead of yet more salads, and so make piglet's suggestion of raita an appropriate alternative use for a cucumber.
  • Wesley JWesley J Circus Host
    Finally an end to the heatwave over here as well; we appear to have survived yet another one, then!

    Continental WesShire, like many other parts of The Continent, got a new heat record, here of 36.8°C, on Thursday. - Yesterday, Friday evening, the temperature dropped from a 34.5°C max to a rather bearable 19.5°C within 4 hours, thanks to copious rain and long-expected and longed-for thunderstorms. That was good and very enjoyable.

    Phew. The final week of July looks more reasonable with max temps around 25 or 26° C.

    Again, commiserations to everyone suffering in them record temperatures! It really makes it hard to think or concentrate, and almightily gets on people's nerves, and people on each other's.
  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    Bucketing down all last evening. Continuing to bucket this morning. Scheduled to bucket the rest of the day between where we are (Northumberland) and where we’re going (Edinburgh).
  • MiffyMiffy Shipmate
    Still pleasantly warm here, though we’ve had a little rain. Still no sign of the promised thunderstorm.
  • BoogieBoogie Heaven Host
    Just right on this morning’s dog walk - 20 degrees and no rain. 🐾🙂
  • DormouseDormouse Shipmate
    We defrosted the freezer and found stuff that needs eating, including a joint of mystery meat. That's lunch tomorrow sorted! Also discovered were various tupperware pots of fruit from last year. I'm going to be making redcurrant, peach and apple jam this afternoon.

    We're going to have a "light supper" with friends tonight - their wine cellar is excellent and anything we could afford would be looked down on by C, so I thought I'd bake some scones and take HM scones and jam as a gift for them. We also have some very brown bananas so a banana tea bread will also be made. It's going to be a sweaty afternoon in the kitchen! (sorry, that might be TMI!)
  • MiffyMiffy Shipmate
    Boogie wrote: »
    Just right on this morning’s dog walk - 20 degrees and no rain. 🐾🙂

    Yes, much cooler for the doggies. I’ve been walking mine in the evenings during the heatwave until now (they’re teeny dogs). Fluffydog is much cooler since she was shorn last week; she now looks like a cross between a little lamb and a rat!

  • Dad used to have his two Afghans shaved in summer. Poor Daisy had her self image so disturbed that she would hide for several days till she was used to it,
  • MiffyMiffy Shipmate
    Oh dear! I can just imagine it.

    But what have I done?
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
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    Dormouse wrote: »
    ... HM scones and jam ...
    Is that a new Government department, like HM Customs and Excise, or are your scones by Royal Appointment? :mrgreen:
    Chutney has been manufactured, using up the tomatoes and a few wizened apples that were languishing in the fruit-basket. It was nearly a disaster, as I realised just after adding the vinegar that it was meant to be white wine vinegar as opposed to just white vinegar ...

    I managed to rescue it by tipping the whole lot into a colander and starting again with the required liquid, and on initial inspection it tastes fine (fortunately I hadn't added the spices at that stage). We now have three jars of chutney to come home to - it's supposed to be left for a couple of weeks anyway, so it'll work out perfectly.
    Hair colour has been applied, and this afternoon will probably be spent on preliminary packing and quite possibly Iron Ing.

    I love going away, but by the time I've got myself organised for it, I actually need a holiday!
  • Piglet, I have forgotten where in Orkney that you're going. Kirkwall?
  • Wesley JWesley J Circus Host
    And inside the kirk as well, we hope! Don't just stand there, have a seat. Much more comfy. :)
  • Oh, I love St. Magnus's.
  • I should think one would have a job to drag Piglet (and D.) away from St Magnus'! One of the finest churches in Northern Europe, which even Brex*t cannot remove...

    IIRC it is still referred to correctly as St Magnus' Cathedral, despite being no longer the site of a Bishop's seat, and the Kirk doesn't seem to be bothered about that!

    BTW, in the interests of pedantry, should there be another 's' after the apostrophe?
  • BoogieBoogie Heaven Host
    @Bishops Finger said -
    BTW, in the interests of pedantry, should there be another 's' after the apostrophe?

    Calm down Jacob, calm down! :wink:
  • NO! You should have typed, 'Calm down, Jacob, calm down!'
  • BoogieBoogie Heaven Host
    NO! You should have typed, 'Calm down, Jacob, calm down!'

    Their’s no hope for me. :tongue:

  • *BF collapses in a Swoon*
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Piglet, I have forgotten where in Orkney that you're going. Kirkwall?
    Absolutely. If I have to go to Stromness*, I'll need to get my vaccinations ... :naughty:

    For the grammar pedants, St. Magnus Cathedral is the usual punctuation (or lack thereof): no apostrophes at all, although I accept there probably should be one after "Magnus". I've never seen it with an extra "s" - presumably because the name has a Latin root, and such names are usually pluralised with just an apostrophe.

    We'll be there next Sunday: D. playing the organ and me singing in the choir. I hope Heather (the incumbent organist) has chosen some nice music, and perhaps a metrical psalm or two ... :mrgreen:

    * It's a bit parochial up there - Kirkwall is the capital (and a City and Royal Burgh), and is about four or five times the size of Stromness, and there is Rivalry. D. and I once counted up the number of loonies oddballs we knew in each place (he taught there for a few years before making his escape, and his boss was the chief loony oddball), and we came up with three times as many in Stromness as there were in Kirkwall - they seem to gravitate there.
    It's very hot here today: 26°, feeling like 32 and rising. Bring on the coolness of Scotland!
  • BoogieBoogie Heaven Host
    Hear, let me lose your collar. I might of been cheeky but your getting into a ‘tis for no reason. Its not a problem, just go with the flo. Stop dangling your modifiers or youl be effected by to high blood pressure!

    My grammer is better, cooler, cleverer. I ensure you. I’m often complemented on it. :joy:
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Boogie - :mrgreen:
  • Baptist TrainfanBaptist Trainfan Shipmate
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    Boogie wrote: »
    My grammer is better, cooler, cleverer. I ensure you. I’m often complemented on it. :joy:
    Don't you mean 'My's grammer' and 'more cleverer'? Gotta get these fings write, yu noe!

  • *BF falls into a second Swoon*
  • Baptist TrainfanBaptist Trainfan Shipmate
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    * His torpor is however occasionally interrupted by visions of the Honourable Member for North East Somerset *
  • *BF revives temporarily, in order to deny any such thing*
  • In my experience cathedral names follow a local convention, which often have little relation to local linguistic patterns. I confess that I was a bit tentative about Magnus vs Magnus's. I couldn't recall with any certainty which is used. For the record, grammatically, the latter form is the correct singular possessive ending in -s-; plural possessive in -s- needs only an apostrophe. But, that said, my local cathedral is not 'possessed' by its patron.

    Grammar aside, St Magnus is one of my favourite churches. It's worth a visit just for the floor tiles! Their design and colour. And the theologically dubious Viking ship on an altar. The cathedral positively stinks of feral history. I love it.
  • ClimacusClimacus Shipmate
    "Feral" history! That does sound intriguing...
  • Climacus wrote: »
    "Feral" history! That does sound intriguing...

    Read the Orkneyinga Saga. It's a rollicking good read. Available from Penguin.
  • ClimacusClimacus Shipmate
    Thanks. I'll look it up.
  • Am terminally jealous of Piglet. We had a much too short visit to Orkney two years ago, to travel around and visit a friend. I liked both Kirkwall and Stromness for their architecture and ambience. Kirkwall has the advantage that the Highland Park distillery is a healthy walk from St Magnus, and between them, followed by agreeable pubs and live music, much of a day can be well spent. Sunday worship at St Magnus was memorably good. It is not hard to fall in love with a place where Inverness is far to the south, and Edinburgh might as well be in England. I could live there quite easily. Dreaming again...
  • Only the slightest, shortest rain shower here this morning, but very strong gusty winds all day.
    Watched my runner bean plants go from full of flower first thing this morning to bare stems with just a few red buds at the ends. They may also be gone by morning. :(
    Wondering if a dose of tomato feed will encourage them to produce another crop of flowers - but I'm not sure if I can be bothered to continue the necessary watering.
    To date the energy put into growing them has resulted in 4 very small servings, which is not a vey good return. Doesn't even cover the cost of a packet of seeds.
  • BoogieBoogie Heaven Host
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    My garden consists of a lot of pots of flowering plants, carefully nurtured and looking lovely at the moment.

    For the duration of the 48 hour downpour and storms I moved the pots to under the garden table and planted umbrellas above those I couldn’t move!
  • MiffyMiffy Shipmate
    Our rather spindly nasturtiums- nearly put nastieums- have not appreciated the rain we had yesterday.
  • CathscatsCathscats Shipmate
    Yet to rain here at all - just a shower last Saturday. Even now the clouds are clearing from the hillsides and the blue sky is emerging. Just a lovely summer!
  • I think we have your share of the rain!

    I'm in the library next a window and looking out over a building site. It's fun watching hi-vis clad workers running around trying to avoid the showers. Probably less fun for them. I can see the clouds rolling in from miles away.
  • Fine and sunny here (the Episcopal Wash Ing is doing nicely, thank you), but I see from BBC News that parts of Piffle Island have suffered quite nasty floods, and much damage.

    My sister, who lives in France, visited at the weekend, and was quite pleased with the weather here - it was 40C+ where she lives (south-east, near the border with Catalonia), though much less humid.

    Her visit enabled the pair of us to catch up with our favourite Aunt, and favourite Cousins, wot live in Norf London, but O my! what a tiring couple of days for my Poor Old Body...

    Our family has the inestimable ability to meet up, after perhaps a year or more, with no awkwardness at all, and to carry on a conversation as though we last spoke only a few minutes previously.
  • It's been quite nice today in Dragonland, a bit breezy which was good for the washing. Yesterday we were promised Donner und Blitzen with lots of rain, but all we got was a good soaking of Proper British Rain. I feel sorry for the folks up in Swaledale - awful!
  • ThomasinaThomasina Shipmate
    The rain has flattened the garden and finished off anything that was still trying to look colourful! Lot of work waiting out there now. :(
  • Am terminally jealous of Piglet. We had a much too short visit to Orkney two years ago...

    Me too. I got up to Durness a couple of weeks ago and a friend had recently visited Orkney. I too thought about going all the way, but alas I made it no further than Tongue... :smile:

    (Still, for all that it was a brilliant touring holiday in which I saw a lot of NW Scotland, and even spent a day on Iona. The 200 miles south from Ardrossan in heavy rain on a motorbike was inconvenient, but worth it in the circumstances - and with hands / arms encased in CalMac bin liners I was not quite as wet as I might have been.)
  • Finally decided that if we waited for the magnolia to stop (re)flowering we'd wait forever, managed to take down the huge branch that was overhanging the neighbours' drive. Nicely shredded and logged, and still lots of flowers on the bit we didn't cut. Now for the bottom of the garden that we have lost to brambles. Send search parties and/or gin if no sightings after a couple of hours.
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