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  • I was delighted to find that Aldis in Canberra stocks Kapiti ice cream!
  • ZappaZappa Shipmate
    It's in a supermarket near you!
  • Dropping in after an absence....

    The November storm missed us completely, by about 5 blocks. Mrs Curly has decided not to go out on a home visit, while her colleague wasn't so lucky - she got held up by fallen trees in front and behind her car.

    Counting the days until work finishes on Thursday. Then I'll be home relaxing and preparing for Christmas Day while the rest of the family are busy at church with primary school program and prep for Christmas Eve service.

    mr curly
  • HuiaHuia Shipmate
    I see you're leaving the best city until last. :wink:
  • I hope so, @Huia

    I am booked into a nice hotel next to Hagley Park, which should make the stay very enjoyable. It’s a bit of a walk from the conference venue, but that will give me the chance to look around too.

    I will check in for info on things to see and do nearer the time - not forgetting the location of the ice-cream store with the assistant who gives generous helpings :smile:

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    Hello mr curly! Glad the storm missed you.

    If on another visit you are driving between Wellington and Auckland and want a break and walk, Cameron, I'm happy to pick you up from the other end of the Manawatū Gorge track -- or annoy you both ways if you want company. :wink:

    (other, shorter walks available )
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    Good to hear from you Mr Curly. I thought that the fire would miss you. Like you, we did not get the brunt of the storm this time.

    Sad news about Lothlorien. We ran into her brother at coffee the other day, and he said that she was slipping away, comfortable because of the medication she's on, but slipping. Being back in the Mountains, even though she's in a palliative care hospital, meant a lot to her.
  • Slipping is the word. Comfortable. Good sleep as they find medication balance, slept big sleep. Staff are wonderful.
  • Gee DGee D Shipmate
    Good that you're comfortable and up to posting.
  • What Gee D wrote. Great to hear from you.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
  • HuiaHuia Shipmate
    Loth, glad you're back in the Mountains. I know from what you have posted earlier how important they are to you.

    Praying for you and your family - particularly your Grandchildren.
  • ClimacusClimacus Shipmate
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    Day 2 of a 4 day total fire ban and it looks to be a hot day, though Saturday will be hotter up here -- particularly in the valley.

    Thinking of all near fire and fire risk, and continued love to you Loth and your family.

    Heading to Albury tomorrow for a few days to catch up with friends -- and see what's changed in a year. Supposed to be rather warm there Friday and Saturday too.
  • ZappaZappa Shipmate
    Lothlorien wrote: »
    Slipping is the word. Comfortable. Good sleep as they find medication balance, slept big sleep. Staff are wonderful.

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  • Climacus hope you enjoy Albury. Your link caused me to rabbit around the BoM website even more than usual and discover that Q has its very own forecast on the clickable map. Continuing love 💚 to Loth and and all her family.
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  • We buried our parishioner E today. This quietly spoken man, after serving and surviving in Bomber Command over Germany, came home to pioneer the IT industry in Australia, working with the earliest computers at the Bureau of Statistics before launching a successful private company. A man of deep faith, he read the Bible every night - his grand
    daughter estimating that in his 98 years he probably read from cover to cover about 200 times.
    The day looked apocalyptic, with a deep vermilion sun attempting to pierce the smoke, but parishioners, family and friends were uplifted by reflecting on a life of faith and service.
  • May E rest in peace and rise in glory. Sounds like an amazing life and man.
  • Gee DGee D Shipmate
    Thank you Barnabas Aus - a very moving post of a very moving day.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    May E. rest in peace and rise in glory.

    He sounds from your description much like D's uncle Bill, who lied about his age to get into the RAF and won the Distinguished Flying Cross, but rarely said anything about it.
  • Indeed Piglet, the representatives of our Returned Services League who conducted that part of the service today were not aware of which decorations E had been awarded. I suspect he may never have claimed the medals. E was only 18 years old when he enlisted.
  • ClimacusClimacus Shipmate
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    Amazing people -- Bill and E.

    On the train. I always love going through the Hawkesbury on the train...water, trees, hills, bridges, tunnels... Lovely.
  • Gee DGee D Shipmate
    It is a great journey. Madame and I went on it one bright sunny day last winter, and went to Newcastle for lunch. Pity you can no longer go to Barnett's great station there, but have to change and get the tram the last bit.
  • Praying on for the wildfire situation.
  • rexoryrexory Shipmate Posts: 49
    Our friend @Rowen is sitting on the beach at Mallacoota with about 4000 people hoping to avoid the fires
  • EvangelineEvangeline Shipmate Posts: 27
    I just saw the news from Mallacoota and seemed to recall Rowen was situated there, the footage is terrifying. Praying for rain, lots of rain throughout Australia.
  • Gee DGee D Shipmate
    Thank you Rexory, I wondered where she had gone from her home. Not sure just how safe that is, perhaps safer than Mallacoota at the moment.
  • ClimacusClimacus Shipmate
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    The photos and video from there are almost unbelievable. It looks honestly, to me, like something from a movie. Please wish Rowen all the best.

    I helped a colleague plan her Christmas holiday in Oz with her kids. Thankfully the route seems to have avoided, thus far, the fires. I shall send her a message to check in, and being German, check if she's watched Dinner for One. :wink: (I told her it was on SBS, our multicultural broadcaster)

    Happy seems the wrong term currently, at least for residents of Oz, so I'll wish all us residing south of the equator, and any welcome visitors from the North, a blessed and peaceful 2020!

    And with the Indian Ocean Dipole lessening, if I heard correctly, hopefully 2020 may bring more temperate weather.
  • HuiaHuia Shipmate
    Climacus, scientists here have noticed a hot spot (about 6C higher than the surrounding sea) in the ocean off the east coast of the North Island NZ. Is that similar, on a smaller scale of course, to what is happening in the Indian Ocean?

    I briefly Googled Indian Ocean Dipole, but the site I checked presumed knowledge I don't have, so I'm feeling very uninformed.
  • ClimacusClimacus Shipmate
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    Sorry for not explaining...

    It is the difference in sea temperatures between the western and eastern parts of the Indian Ocean. The table at the bottom of this page summarises the impacts. The positive event we had led to effects such as less rainfall over southern Australia and in the Top End.

    That NZ hot spot in the Pacific (a million square kilometres!) is interesting. The article I read said it was due to lack of wind and a lot of sun. Amazing what an impact wind can have! Thank you -- I had not heard about it.
  • Gee DGee D Shipmate
    Not long back from Mass - no Anglican service within cooee to start the new year, alas. An excellent sermon starting with strong condemnation of the decision to proceed with the fireworks with the deaths of the firefighters, and devastation throughout the eastern seaboard.
  • HuiaHuia Shipmate
    Thanks Climacus. I was intrigued by the hotspot, but I didn't realise the effects of different water temperatures could be so extreme.
  • Gee DGee D Shipmate
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    It's probably because the areas are so large, but small variations have an enormous effect.
  • ZappaZappa Shipmate
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    Sites like [this] are superb for checking up on the well-being of friends and loved ones if you have any idea of the geography of Oz - they tend to be state-based though. Two of my daughters (and two of my grandsons) are in reasonably volatile areas though this time the fires are well away from them. One has a localized fire but clicking on the link tells me
    There is a bushfire at Canterbury Av, Sunbury that is under control.
    You may see and smell smoke in the area.
    The fire continues to burn within the containment lines that have been established

    which is heartening. In FB Messenger she helpfully added
    hope you weren’t worried, [grandbub #3, aged about two months] and I were fast asleep
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Glad to hear your family are safe, Zappa.

    As there's a shiny new thread for those South of Middle Earth, I'll put this one to bed.

    Piglet, AS host
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