Relationships Board - Introduction

Forum Introduction:
Faith can additionally complicate relationships and Christian relationships can be more challenging. This 8th Day Board is to allow Shipmates to discuss relationships in all forms. It could be a chance to discuss:
  • ways to meet other Christians, possibly including a dating thread for Valentine’s Day
  • dealing with the end of relationships or how to be alone.
  • Other challenges of Christian relationships.

The hosts would like to remind you of the following Ship Guidelines:
  • Remember that these are public¹ boards and can be read by anyone interested, so bear this in mind when posting
  • Should discussions become more explicit this more explicit material must be posted on threads with warnings about whether this material is safe for work to allow Shipmates to avoid these threads should they prefer to. It is suggested that the spoiler option is used.
  • The two click rule for explicit material should be followed.

1: in my first draft this was pubic which for this board seems worth sharing
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