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Heart of St Laurence O'Toole

I was touring Dublin in 2017 and when we went by Christ Church Cathedral the guide mentioned that the heart of St Laurence O'Toole had been preserved in the cathedral (of course it had been stolen at this point and not yet recovered). This surprised me as the church had been seized by the reformation early on, and they were quite zealous about destroying relics. How did this heart survive?


  • ClimacusClimacus Shipmate
    Interesting question. I hope someone has the answer.

    This book, tantalisingly leaving you wanting more, merely states:
    During the Henrican Reformation ... Archbishop Brown oversaw the public burning of the relics ... One relic that survived these changes was the heart of St Laurence O'Toole...
  • Here's a bit about O'Toole (I'm sorry, but I can't help visualising Peter of that ilk, as in the Lawrence of Arabia fillum):
  • ZappaZappa Ecclesiantics Host
    Ugh ... the mental imagery around some devotees running the streets and lanes of Dublin with the good bishop's heart in their handbags is just not filling me with a sense of the holy.

    OTOH I always argue in teaching/preaching that the holy isn't particular holy so maybe I should shut it. "Bejayzus!, just shut it will you?"
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