Abortion - Legacy thread

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Here is a link to the "Cleft Lip etc" thread on the old website.

Feel free to add to this thread or create a new thread on a subset of the topic.


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    Bumping this thread up for anyone who wants to discuss this issue in general.
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    "You can't be prochoice if you believe in the Incarnation"

    I heard this argument that states that denying that the fetus is a human life, risks denying that Our Lord Jesus Christ was divine and human in the womb of his Mother, Mary, and thus it is a heresy in the eyes of the church.

    I am prochoice, but I wonder how orthodox Christians who are prochoice handle that argument.
  • I think that argument pre-supposes that being pro-choice means that you think all the available choices are morally right, or indeed that the exercise of that choice will be prevented by illegality rather than just made more dangerous.
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