Purgatory is hell with hope. (Hosting changes)

TubbsTubbs Admin
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@Gwai is stepping down from Purgatory hosting and @MaryLouise has agreed to take over. (@Gwai is staying as a host in Epiphanies though)

Please express thanks / welcome to both these awesome people with the usual aplomb. Thank you.



  • @Gwai has done a great job hosting Purgatory for goodness knows how long, and it's no secret how demanding Epiphanies is.

    Welcome @MaryLouise. Enjoy (?) hosting!
  • Barnabas62Barnabas62 Purgatory Host, 8th Day Host, Epiphanies Host
    Many many thanks to Gwai for the years of support, and a warm welcome to MaryLouise to "Hell with Hope"!
  • BroJamesBroJames Purgatory Host, 8th Day Host
    Sad to see you leaving Purgatory, Gwai. Your wisdom and perspective have been invaluable. A warm welcome to MaryLouise.
  • Thank you, Gwai for the time hosting and welcome to MaryLouise.
  • finelinefineline Kerygmania Host, 8th Day Host
    Thank you to Gwai, for all your work and for being very welcoming and helpful to me when I was a Purgatory host. And a warm welcome to MaryLouise.
  • Thanks so much to you both!
  • Thanks to Gwai for hosting Purgatory for so long and thanks to MaryLouise for taking over.
  • @Gwai, thank you for putting up with me all this time. @MaryLouise, God help you.
  • All the best for your hosting MaryLouise!
  • Good work, Gwai, good luck MaryLouise.
  • @Gwai, thanks for hosting Purgatory for so many years. It's a big job! I'm glad you will continue to be part if the Ship's Crew! Welcome and best wishes to @MaryLouise !
  • GwaiGwai Epiphanies Host
    Thanks for the kind words. They mean a lot.

    Purgatory will be in very good hands (Congrats, Mary Louise.) Maybe I'll even start posting there again when I get used to having fewer threads to read ;)
  • RossweisseRossweisse 8th Day Host, Hell Host
    Brava, Gwai, for your years of hosting Purgatory; thank you for sticking around to handle Epiphanies. Welcome, MaryLouise! (There should still be some GIN in the hostly liquor cabinet.)
  • MaryLouiseMaryLouise Purgatory Host, 8th Day Host
    edited November 2019
    Gwai, you will be so missed in Purgatory. Many thanks for the welcome *she says with some trepidation*.
  • BoogieBoogie Shipmate
    edited November 2019
    Welcome to MaryLouise and thank you, Gwai for the hosting you did so well in Purg.

    It’s the hope that does you in! :wink:
  • jedijudyjedijudy Heaven Host, 8th Day Host
    Welcome, MaryLouise! You are a very brave person! :blush: I'm glad to have you among us backstage!
    Many, many thanks to you for your many years of hosting Purg, Gwai! I'm so glad you are still hosting Epiphanies and we can still sit around the GIN cabinet backstage!
  • MaryLouiseMaryLouise Purgatory Host, 8th Day Host
    Thanks, jj.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Rather belated thanks to Gwai, and good luck to MaryLouise!
  • Thanks for the service, Gwai!

    Welcome MaryLouise!
  • Thank you!
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