The Official Ship of Fools Playlist

Hi everyone, it's Mixmaster Marvin the Musical Martian here asking for your contributions to the new Ship's playlist!

The rules by which a song gets added are simple - all songs added to the playlist MUST contain the phrase "Ship of Fools" within the title or lyrics, OR a direct reference to one of our Boards or Shipmates within the title (so songs that merely contain the word "Heaven" in the lyrics don't count).

Artists don't count, so no Frank Zappa songs unless they meet the criteria above.

Links to the songs would be appreciated if possible so that we can all enjoy them :smile:

I'll start us off with a few examples from my personal music library:

Robert Plant - "Ship of Fools" (SoF in the title)
Chris Rea - "The Road to Hell" (direct reference to a Ship board in the title)
Pink Floyd - "A Great Day for Freedom" (contains the line "on the day the wall came down/the Ship of Fools had finally run aground")


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