Apprentice status and Hell

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edited May 22 in The Styx
The sharp-eyed among you may have spotted the appearance of a post count next to the names of Shipmates who've clocked up fewer than 50 posts.

That's because we're reintroducing a practice from the old Ship: giving new posters an informal "apprentice" status for their first 50 posts.

Apprentices are bound by our 10 Commandments, Guidelines, and FAQs like everybody else, but they're to be granted a little more indulgence as they get to learn the ropes (all the more so if they're not climbing aboard again after having been on the old Ship).

Doing this also allows us to restore the convention that a poster may not be called to Hell until such time as they tot up 50 posts. They may venture into Hell at their own risk, but the Crew reserve the right to close Hell threads started by apprentices without further notice.

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