What does your username mean?

Sad SackSad Sack Shipmate Posts: 30
I'm a bit surprised that this thread doesn't exist already. I did search, but couldn't find anything like it. If it does already exist, just let me know. I am curious about the usernames that people choose.

In case it's not obvious, my username comes from the name of one of the Raggy Dolls. For those who don't know it, The Raggy Dolls was a children's TV show in the UK in the late 80s/early 90s. Sad Sack was always my favourite Raggy Doll.


  • Amos 7:14
    "Then answered Amos, and said to Amaziah, I was no prophet, neither was I a prophet's son; but I was an herdman, and a gatherer of sycomore fruit."

    I blame an Irish priest transplanted to (I hate) Winnipeg. Who sermonized about this, peculiarly at the Canadian Mennonite University at a particularly difficult juncture: death of friend, death of mother, deaths of both parents in law, attempted murder of my child, lawsuit, professional complaint, cancer scare, eye surgery; t'was a trying time where not a thing went right. At CMU, wine for communion was a debate- I was a gatherer of acorns there (burr oak) and have several trees grown from seed. Another 2 this spring, which are children of one from this time.
  • mousethiefmousethief Shipmate
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    I took my name in honor of "Gonff, the Prince of Mousethieves" in the book Mossflower by Brian Jacques. Gonff, for the record, is Yiddish for "thief".
  • PigwidgeonPigwidgeon Shipmate
    In the Harry Potter books, Pigwidgeon was Ron Weasley's pet owl (and mail owl). He was a miniature scops owl. Pigwidgeon was a gift from Sirius Black after the loss of Ron's pet rat.
  • BoogieBoogie Shipmate
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    I am named after my first dog, Boogie.

    He was a Manchester terrier x collie who lived for 20 happy years.

    My profile photo is my present Guide Dog puppy, ten month old Echo. My seventh GD pup.
  • NiteowlNiteowl Shipmate
    I am a late night person who fortunately doesn’t have to be up early. Hence my screen name.
  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    I was so touched the Italians named a city after me, it was the least I could do.

    The avatar is one of my more successful watercolours, of a cyclamen. (I mostly paint - when I do - flowers. On the one hand, they're fiddly and a bit of a pain, on the other they keep still and can live indoors).
  • mousethief wrote: »
    I took my name in honor of "Gonff, the Prince of Mousethieves" in the book Mossflower by Brian Jacques. Gonff, for the record, is Yiddish for "thief".

    How did I not spot that reference?!

    "Oh foolish ones go check your stores of food so rich and fine. Be sure that I'll be back for more, especially this wine"

    I... may have listened to that book on cassette more often than is healthy (it was, alas, abridged, a crime against fiction wherever I encounter it in my view).

    My username, first chosen for my university BBS almost 18 years ago, is a reference to the third of Father Jack's exclamations upon being woken up unexpectedly.
  • When we had a period of name change on the ship I chose first the little robot avatar, for no reason other then I liked it. Next came the name Graven Image. A reminder to me to always try and be humble because nothing I may post is to be taken as great wisdom to be held in high esteem by myself or others.
  • Mine is locational - "Quine" is Scots for girl/woman, and I'm in the north-east of Scotland.

    My avatar is the Pictish Beast. Most Pictish carvings are clearly recognisable - boar, salmon, horse, bull etc, but no-one knows what the beast represents. Some people think it's the mythical kelpie, others think the Romans brought an elephant with them, and it's an elephant as seen from afar. Who knows? There's a carved Pictish stone which includes a Beast not far from where I live - I walk past it every time I go to church.
  • Mine came from a geocaching log written by my husband, whose username there begins with S. He wrote that 'The intrepid Mrs S, on her daily constitutional, ...' had found one that we had DNF'd* the previous day. I was so taken by being thus described that I adopted it to use here, though I have other personae that I could have used.

    *DNF = did not find, in geocaching parlance.
  • Gee DGee D Shipmate
    Mine is from the initials of a description of me given by a girl friend of an older sister, said as a rebuke to her then boyfriend (they ceased being girlfriend and boyfriend less than a minute later). The description spread rapidly around school and was then abbreviated into the initials. Since then, I've been normally known as Gee.
  • BroJamesBroJames Purgatory Host, 8th Day Host
    Being the oldest of four siblings is significant in making me who I am. James is my name.

    My avatar, from the old Ship’s gallery of avatars, was chosen because I played the tuba for some years at school*, and I like Gerard Hoffnung whose lighthearted self-portrait cartoon it is.

    (*I now have, but rarely play, a more affordable, and portable, trombone.)
  • ChoristerChorister Shipmate
    There was a thread about this, but it died out in the mists of time. Back then, I was a chorister, so the name was obvious. Now, due to a problem with my throat, I can't sing any more. But I still love music and still love to hear others sing. So the name stays. I have a little chorister bear just like my avatar pic, he came from Exeter Cathedral and now lives on my bookshelf.
  • My name simply reflects a lack of imagination.

    The avatar is one that babybear, late of this parish, made for me - as a mad scientist with a speciality in nuclear physics.
  • I’ve used Heavenly Anarchist as an online/festival shop name in various guises over the years and I’m rather attached to it. But sometimes it doesn’t fit in forum letter limits so I started shortening it to Heavenlyannie - my name is Annie, whether I am heavenly is somewhat more debatable.
    My avatar is me about 15 years ago.
  • DoublethinkDoublethink Shipmate
    In the old ship I bought the member number 1984 in a fundraising auction - so I took Doublethink as from the novel of the same name.

    The avatar is an altered image of Angelica Jolie based on a poster of the 1984 film.
  • Beer.

    (I can say no more, or I'd be advertising, which is a Sin).

    The avatar was (maybe still is?) a standard Ship provision - one of these days, I'll try to find something more personal...
  • EnochEnoch Shipmate
    "And Enoch ... was not" (Gen 5:24). It struck me as an appropriate anonymous pseudonym for where one doesn't use one's real name. I've always imagined that some Shipmates might already have guessed that.

    The avatar was from the picture library on the old Ship. I chose it because it's what I imagine someone who lived until he was 365 might look like.

  • EigonEigon Shipmate
    Eigon is a local saint, and depending on who you believe they were either the daughter of King Caractacus who was converted to Christianity by St Paul in Rome, or a 6thC monk, and the brother of St Cynidr, who founded the church down the road in Glasbury.
    The avatar is me taking Basil Brush to the local Boxing Day Hunt meet (I like the horses, not the hunting).
  • kingsfoldkingsfold Shipmate
    kingsfold for the hymn tune of the same name.
  • JapesJapes Shipmate
    The J-A-P were the initials of the name of my blog at the time I decided to take advantage of the name change amnesty at the time on the Old Ship. My original user name related to a previous way of life.

    Japes was the only word I could think of which worked for me which started J-A-P. I use it as part of any on-line name if Japes been already taken.

    @Doublethink made my avatar around the same time, I think, and I can't remember exactly why it is what it is, but I probably mentioned I played the clarinet, amongst other instruments. I kept both avatar and username when we crossed from the Old Ship to minimise confusion at the time.
  • KarlLBKarlLB Shipmate
    I had been listening to Martin Joseph just before choosing my Ship name. Some people were objecting to him putting "f**k you" in a song, so in the hope of annoying them further, I mean, in solidarity with him I picked a title from one of his songs and became Karl - Liberal Backslider.

    I shortened it for the new Ship.

    The Avatar was to reflect my ascent into undeniable middle age and to annoy @Gamma Gamaliel who thinks I should have grown out of prog rock, and to whom I say :p
  • GalilitGalilit Shipmate
    It's a Hebrew feminine form of the the geographical region where I live
    The avatar is the koru (unfurling fern frond) reflecting my birth country Aotearoa~New Zealand
  • SarasaSarasa Shipmate
    I'm Sarasa after the sarasa comet goldfish, which I used to have in a pond in my previous house. The feet are mine, though the sandals are long gone.
  • The original Robert Armin was the Fool in Shakespeare's company, and played said part in "King Lear" among others. At the time I'd annoyed the Admins for, as it seemed to me, pointing out something that I thought they were avoiding. So I took the name as a sign of speaking the awkward truth.

    My avatar is the Fool from the Tarot pack.
  • SipechSipech Shipmate
    It's a contraction of my real name. When I was born, my parents disagreed over what my middle name should be, so as a compromise they gave me two middle names. Take the first two letters of each of my given names, squish 'em together and you get Sipech.
  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    Silas Pentangle Cholmondeley?
  • MooMoo Kerygmania Host
    My real name is Mary. When I was born my brother's efforts to say Mary came out as Mooey. This became my family nickname. When I joined the ship I wanted a name which meant something to me personally, so I shortened Mooey to Moo.

    My avatar is Sharp Top mountain in the Blue Ridge. I actually live in the Alleghany mountains, but I couldn't find an online picture I liked.
  • Amanda B ReckondwythAmanda B Reckondwyth 8th Day Host, Mystery Worship Editor
    Sipech, I miss your MW reporting!

    Amanda B. Reckondwyth is, I trust, self-explanatory: "A man to be reckoned with."
  • AravisAravis Shipmate
    One of my favourite Narnian characters (from “The Horse and his Boy”).
  • Nick TamenNick Tamen Shipmate
    Chorister wrote: »
    There was a thread about this, but it died out in the mists of time.
    Yes, I’ve tried to find it, but with no luck. Old threads can be very hard to find.

    For the relatively few internet forums I've joined, I’ve chosen names that reflect something about me relevant to the nature of the forum. Here, that meant I went with something to reflect that I’m Presbyterian.

    “Nick Tamen” is taken from the motto from the emblem of the Church of ScotlandNec Tamen Consumebatur (“It was not however consumed”). That motto, along with the emblem of the burning bush to which it refers, followed Presbyterians into other parts of the world.

    The first use of the burning bush as an emblem of a Reformed/Presbyterian church was by the Reformed Church of France in 1583, from whom the Scots seem to have picked it up, and it is likely derived from Calvin’s Commentary on Acts. My avatar is the burning bush as it appears on the seal of the former United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. (now part of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)).

  • Fawkes CatFawkes Cat Shipmate
    What a lot of thought people have applied.

    I'm named after my first cat.
  • ThunderBunkThunderBunk Shipmate
    There was an H&A day sometime around the EU referrendum, and I realised at the time that my posting had got angrier and more explosive. I can do more thoughtful too, but everything that has happened since then has served to stoke my bluster further.
  • I was born on St Barnabas' Day [June 11] and am Australian. The avatar is Mrs BA and myself in Red Square on the Feast of the Dormition 2015 - the queue to visit St Basil's was about 2 hours long so didn't get to see the interior.
  • MarsupialMarsupial Shipmate
    Marsupial has a rather improbable history - I was doing some IT work for a friend who had incorporated his company using the name of a specific marsupial. I started using it as part of my internet user names, as an effective if slightly awkward way of ensuring they didn't duplicate an existing user name. For the Ship I just went with generic Marsupial.

    (Unfortunately I have never actually been to Australia.)
  • Ethne AlbaEthne Alba Shipmate
    I discovered “The Questions of Ethne Alba” in a friend’s poetry book and as I had spent much of my childhood being reprimanded for asking too many questions .........it seemed ideal.
    The avatar is a silver birch from a previous garden
  • MrsBeakyMrsBeaky Shipmate
    MrsBeaky is a name given to me many years ago by my four adult daughters who tease me about wanting to know everything and sticking my beak in......my avatar was kindly created for me by the Ship's very own @Doublethink
  • Nick TamenNick Tamen Shipmate
    Marsupial wrote: »
    (Unfortunately I have never actually been to Australia.)
    Don’t you have possums in Canada? :wink:

  • DooneDoone Shipmate
    Mine is from the novel I was named after, Lorna Doone, which was my Dad’s favourite book. The rose is from my garden; the bush was given to me by a dear friend for my birthday a few years ago.
  • CathscatsCathscats Shipmate
    I also wonder at the thought that went into these. I like cats. The avatar is generic old ship, but I may change it soon to one my own furry friends.
  • bassobasso Shipmate
    I'm basso because I'm a singer. I am a bass and can hit the low notes, but I'm not a true basso.
    The avatar is a a bass -- it's Chaliapin in the role of the Old Believer leader Dosifei in Mussorgsky's Khovanshchina.
  • I could, of course, be named for St Ercus, though vulgar people seem to think there's also a Latin connection.
    (There was a similar thread not so long ago, but it has been obliviated: https://forums.shipoffools.com/discussion/897/how-did-you-get-your-ship-name)
  • DoublethinkDoublethink Shipmate
    (I am always available for avatar creation if required :) )
  • MarsupialMarsupial Shipmate
    Nick Tamen wrote: »
    Marsupial wrote: »
    (Unfortunately I have never actually been to Australia.)
    Don’t you have possums in Canada? :wink:

    Immediately after posting this, I went on Facebook and saw a post reminding us to be kind to our local marsupials. Coincidence, or...

    We do increasingly have possums at least in this part of Canada. They weren't really a feature of my childhood; I think they have been moving north with the climate warming (though I also grew up in a colder part of Canada).

  • St EverildSt Everild Shipmate
    St Everild is the name of a very little-known Saxon saint, and the church with which I am associated is also a little-known Saxon saint. Both of them may, or may not, have actually existed...
    My avatar is one of my cats. Just because.

    I use St Everild or StE in other places on the interwebby-thing. I am a person of little imagination. Or perhaps I like knowing who I am.
  • Here's Mark 4:34
    Ne spæc he na butan biȝspelle. Eall he his leorninȝcnihtum asundron rehte.
    Or in a slightly more modern dialect,
    But without a parable spake he not unto them: and when they were alone, he expounded all things to his disciples.

    Cniht is the Anglo-Saxon root of the modern Knight, but means boy or servant. Leorningcniht, then, is an Anglo-Saxon kenning - a learning-servant is a disciple. It also might conveniently contain my RL name :wink:

    (For the avoidance of doubt, I'm not the ACNA priest with a wordpress blog called "Leorningcnihtes boc", nor do I use the name anywhere else online. So if you come across a leorningcniht elsewhere, it's not me.)
  • Is it pronounced (as I suppose) 'Learning Knight'?
  • ECraigRECraigR Shipmate
    Mine is self explanatory, I presume, it just being my middle name with a letter for each of my other names.

    My avatar is of my dog, Dodger. It’s fairly recent. I was reading Karl Ove Knausgaard’s My Struggle, that’s the open book, and had gotten up to go and get something from the kitchen. When I returned to my library Dodger was sitting in my chair looking oh-so-perfect. I think it’s a good avatar.
  • jedijudyjedijudy Heaven Host, 8th Day Host
    A very long time ago, a group of us mothers would take turns entertaining our sons during summer vacation. I would frequently take the boys to the movies. The most requested movie was Return of the Jedi which was a new movie then! So, I was named jedijudy by a bunch of six and seven year old boys!
  • MiffyMiffy Shipmate
    Mine is after the bunny of Dick Bruna fame and was given to me by a shipmate who hasn’t climbed aboard the new Ship.

    My avatar was kindly made for me by Strathclydezero, regular of the Old Ship and cafe.
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