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The ‘New Normal’ thread made me think.

Once this pandemic is over and we are safe to socialise again, what will you do differently?

I’m taking this hiatus as an opportunity to review how I use my time. Some things come to mind immediately, others I’ll need to give some thought.



  • BoogieBoogie Shipmate
    I used have a coffee mornings to raise funds for Guide Dogs. I really enjoyed it and made each one a special occasion. Lots of pups attended too. We often raised £300. But they were haphazard - maybe four a year.

    I’ve really missed them, the planning, organising the raffle, advertising, the event itself - I’ve missed it all.

    So I’m going to have one on the first Saturday of every month that we are in England.

    I’ll bake cakes, as before, but without going OTT as I used to. Three cakes plus biscuits, first here get the best cakes! I have a lovely bean-to-cup coffee machine so my coffee is always popular and I can ask for donations for the chocolate raffle instead of building it up myself.

    ☕ 🍰
  • NenyaNenya Shipmate
    When such things become possible again I'd like to come to one of your coffee mornings if I find myself up your way at the right time. :smile:

    Off to think more about the question...
  • DooneDoone Shipmate
    Boogie wrote: »
    The ‘New Normal’ thread made me think.

    Once this pandemic is over and we are safe to socialise again, what will you do differently?

    I’m taking this hiatus as an opportunity to review how I use my time. Some things come to mind immediately, others I’ll need to give some thought.


    Oh, that’s a good question! I’ll have to give it serious thought.
  • EigonEigon Shipmate
    I used to go to a lot of evening events locally, mostly for talks, such as the Science Club. The only thing I really miss is the weekly singing session - some of us do it on Zoom, but it's not the same.
    I've found a lot more time for writing (mostly fan fiction, which has been great fun) and crafting.
  • la vie en rougela vie en rouge Circus Host, 8th Day Host
    My job died of Covid. After the initial shock, I discovered that I was not terribly upset and I don't miss the *******s.

    I am going to (try to) set myself up in a completely different career that I think I'll enjoy considerably more. If it all works, I am going to be self-employed and work from my own apartment. Another thing I learned from lockdown - and I realise this is far from everyone's revelation - is that I really rather like my home.
  • Interesting question. I don't like crowds, so I'm not sure much will change for me. Being forced to work from home has given me a new appreciation for my office.
  • TrudyTrudy Heaven Host, 8th Day Host
    Follow through more on plans to have friends over for a meal, games night, etc. That was one of my resolutions for 2020, actually, but clearly it didn't work out that way! Husband and I tend to be very self-sufficient and enjoy our own company, and although we have friends we enjoy spending time with and having over, we often put off making the effort. This year has reminded me of the importance of doing that.
  • I found the question an interesting one, but this was partly because my immediate reaction was that my life currently isn’t much different than before (excepting my brand new post-viral syndrome).
    I’ve worked from home for 13 years, my job consists of teaching online and we are busier than ever. I have mild social anxiety so I’m quite happy at home though I look forward to the other occupants returning to their workplaces 😉

  • I have to say that I'm hoping to change jobs as well - mine has survived Covid-19, but I've realised it's bad for my mental health. Thankfully I'm in biological sciences, so a pandemic has in many ways enhanced the chances of finding something new, but my heart bleeds for those whose careers are suddenly empty spaces as a result.
  • I've volunteered (adult ed, kind of) for a fair while - often it feels like a pain in the arse, but I missed it in lockdown. Then we stuttered back into action - now we've been closed down again. I miss it, and it's good to know I miss it. 'My' blokes have always been older, and won't be around for ever. I intend to enjoy our time together.
  • I think I’ll carry on the weekly video calls with family every Sunday afternoon.

    I would like to continue working partly from home too, if possible. I’m enjoying not spending two hours of commuting every day.

    Work has been more teamy, and I would like that to continue - though it’s not in my gift.
  • We've had a few people talk about how much they're enjoying the discussions we're having in zoom church, and how they'd like to keep that when we go back to physical church. Not sure how to manage that, but it's worth giving thought to.
  • BoogieBoogie Shipmate
    I’d like our Zoom doodle chat and colouring to continue. I find it a really good start to the week.
  • I'll probably retire some more. I'd planned on giving up 1/3 of what I do last spring and another 1/3 by end of year. I'm now telling everyone I'm giving up 2/3 by May long weekend 2021 (24 May or thereabouts). It might be a lie.
  • Very little change for me. We never went out anyway for health reasons. .
  • NenyaNenya Shipmate
    I don't know what we'll do about going to church. Our Place is starting services this Sunday - you have to book a place, 40 is the limit, with lots of restrictions - and Mr Nen has agreed to being on the rota for the projection desk. I was asked to be on the stewarding rota and I said no. Neither of us has any urge at all to go back to the services. We've had lots of meaningful smaller gatherings, both in real life and over Zoom, and hopefully these will continue indefinitely.

    I'll probably go back to Zumba classes once it's safe to do so.
  • I too will in all probability continue with the Intentional and regular contact.
    It seems that one sibling and I chat of a weekend, while the other prefers a midweek catch up.
    Zoom leaves me a juddering wreck, but pre recorded chats sent on a regular day work for some grandchildren

    So overall?
    Hopefully I will be far more intentional
  • I plan to spend more time with my partner. We've always kept separate homes, since when we got together about 10 years ago we had both been single for many years. But this has made us realise we need to be together.
  • amyboamybo Shipmate
    We've been doing a lot of work on the house and completely re-did the yard for Littles, and are really enjoying it, so we will continue to make improvements. And Littles has a list of places he wants to go when "flu season" is over, so we will start on that.

    But mostly I miss my close friends, and hope to be more intentional about seeing them when I can. And I miss my alone time, as both Husband and I are working from home and that man is an extrovert.
  • I will do less. It was getting harder and harder to race round and try to fit everything in, while also having time for more leisurely activities such as walking. I have really had to take stock to decide which activities are really necessary and which I could just drop without any ill effect.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Having not darkened the door of a church since I moved back to Scotland in February (not really because I didn't want to - just that my family aren't churchgoers, and there often seemed something more appealing on offer, like cuddling great-nephews and -nieces), I hope I'll find the gumption to return.

    The local Piskie church is right across the road from my new flat, and I have a couple of friends in the congregation, so I really haven't any excuse.
  • NenyaNenya Shipmate
    Piskie church? I'm assuming you don't mean full of The Little People?
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Sorry - Scottish Episcopal, known affectionately as Piskies.

    I think the "little people" of whom you speak might be pixies. :mrgreen:
  • DafydDafyd Shipmate
    The little people are pixies in Devon and Somerset and piskies in Cornwall.
  • Dafyd wrote: »
    The little people are pixies in Devon and Somerset and piskies in Cornwall.

    As in peskypiskie pesternomi (if you know your Harry Potter)
  • Are we referring to St Peter's Linlithgow?
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
  • I’ve joined a MS crochet group on line, and I’m going to keep it up. It’s the first time I’ve got involved in any MS Society events.
  • ArgonaArgona Shipmate Posts: 17
    Being unable to meet with people made me realise how I had, in any case, drifted away from some – including extended family. I’ll want to rectify that and give people more time, be less preoccupied with other demands.
  • HelixHelix Shipmate
    Classes! I hope to join classes. I love learning and have done a bunch of stuff via a link - but to be in the same space as a teacher and fellow students - either learning something or doing something like yoga or pilates in the SAME ROOM. It feels like a luxury!
  • I have two friends that prepandemic I used to see very often, at least once a week, sometimes more. Now I've only seen them four or so times since it started, and usually that' sitting in a park socially distancing. I miss them! I want to have dinner with them in a restaurant again!
  • We are hoping to move, so I would hope to get out in the area and meet new people which right now if we did move would not be happening. The thought of moving someplace new and not knowing anyone but family now is not a happy thought. Other then that not much different I am a stay at home kind of person.
  • Praying for your move to go well, at the right time for you, Graven Image.
    My 'do differently' is to move, as well. I have the best neighbours I could wish for, but family members are many hours away. So 'on the other side' I intend to go back to my pre-Covid hours on Church technology, so that I can use the time to declutter and organise for selling, buying and starting anew (in between visiting all the babies in the family born since March - and there's a good number of those!).
  • la vie en rougela vie en rouge Circus Host, 8th Day Host
    On a rather more frivolous note, the age of the face mask has been the death of my lipstick. Consequently a skill I have been honing in the last few months is the perfect smoky eye.
  • Graven ImageGraven Image Shipmate
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    Me as well la vie en rouge. Alas as much as my favorite jewelry has always been earrings, they as well are gone. I find glasses, hearing aids, and a mask about all the ears can handle. The gain was perfume, I do not wear it out as it bothers some, but I wear it around the house for mine and Mr. Image's enjoyment.
  • Me as well la vie en rouge. Alas as much as my favorite jewelry has always been earrings, they as well are gone. I find glasses, hearing aids, and a mask about all the ears can handle.

    I find the ear-masks very uncomfortable, so all mine have elastic around the back of the head. I don't find glasses comfortable either, although I need them for close work these days.
  • AnnieDAnnieD Shipmate Posts: 38
    For me it's about re-establishing connections with family - we have moved, and now both extended family and my brothers are closer, others are too. I will try to hold on to the connections which we have re-established virtually and being able to live in community here at college. I will cook and invite more people round, that is something I used to do a while a go, but covid has stopped it and I've got out of the habit.

    Part of me can't imagine what life will be like, but I also think that we will get over it fairly quickly.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    I agree wholeheartedly with what @AnnieD says. Like her, I've recently moved to being in much closer proximity to my immediate family, and, having just bought my own place, I can't wait to have them round* for supper. I love cooking and entertaining, and just being unable to Have People In is one of the worst things about the restrictions.

    * not all at once - if we were all together there would be 13 adults, four littlies and two dogs, and my flat just doesn't have that kind of space - but I'm looking forward to having them round in relays.
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