Thread on "Think about if it was your daughter" - which forum to use?

The thread will jump off a sexual assault in Parliament House in Canberra and the Prime Minister's comment that his wife told him to "think about what you would want to happen if that was your daughter", and that was why he had decided to set up reviews of complaint handling processes in his political party and in the Parliament. His formulation has been widely condemned, and I want to talk about my reaction to it and try to understand the perspective of those who say it is not the way to approach the issue.

I was thinking Purg, but maybe Epiphanies? I have trouble judging because I argue out of my feelings and experiences on everything.


  • My vote means nothing, but I would think Epiphanies. It is a tough subject not to get emotional about.
  • RooKRooK Admin Emeritus
    My amateur understanding is that Epiphanies is not meant as a catch-all for strong feelings to be safely shared - but about being a means for issues of vulnerable identities to be explored. I do not see what aspect of identity there is about "what if it was your daughter". Indeed, the very premise seems soaked in privilege in a way quite antithetical to Epiphanies.
  • It might eventually move in that direction, but we're not adverse to shifting threads across from one board to another. My non-binding opinion is to try it in Purgatory first. It might end up in Epiphanies. It might end up in Hell, or All Saints, for that matter.
  • Simon ToadSimon Toad Shipmate
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    Cheers. I had a long chat with my wife about the subject last night (she being one whose perspective I was blind to) and have a firmer grasp of the subject. I will start a thread as soon as I have posted about the other issue of the day that has me fired up. :smile:
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