"Spoiler" changing to "Hidden Text"

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We have made a small change to the spoiler code, which signals a more significant change in its usage. Instead of "Spoiler", the label now reads "Hidden Text" and instead of just being for hiding spoilers (unexpected plot twists in films and books, etc), it is now a more general-purpose tool for concealing text in posts.

From the point of view of hosting, the primary purpose is to reduce the amount of bigoted language and distressing imagery that those participating in discussions have to read without warning. It also allows the detail of the issue to be addressed within the concealed section, with less disruption to the discussion. To illustrate:

[Hosting: Paragraph implies ... whatever offensive thing was implied, Host]
Offensive paragraph
[Further explanation of the reason for concealing the text, if required]

The underlying intent is to promote more consideration for other posters and, for that matter, anyone reading the forums.


  • We should add that this is a feature that you can all use if you feel it would be useful. For example, if you want to include a detailed explanation of a point that may not be necessary for everyone to see (a TLDR use) making your posts a lot shorter without omitting useful detail. Or, if there's something you think is relevant but might be offensive to others (a not work safe use). And, of course, you can still use it to hide plot twists for posts about movies. It would be useful if you do use it to include a wee phrase before it to indicate the nature of the hidden content.

    The hosts will still be reading anything you put in hidden text, and it'll still be visible to search engines etc. The content of hidden text will still be subject to the 10Cs and relevant guidelines for the forum you're posting on.
  • HedgehogHedgehog Shipmate
    Am I correct in thinking that the coding language itself remains unchanged, namely the word SPOILER in brackets to start the hidden portion, and then end with /SPOILER in brackets? Or will there be new coding?
  • The coding language is unchanged, just the words that appear in the screen and the option on the drop-down menu (if you use that option) have changed. If you go back to the few occasions where this coding has been used (some book and movie threads in Heaven, for example) these still hide spoilers but now have the description "Hidden Text" rather than "Spoiler".
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