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I had occasion to post Smokie's song "Living Next Door to Alice" this morning, and I was struck by the incongruity of the song and the video. On the one hand, the song is a classic country and western song, yet it is sung by people who are clearly glam rockers.


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    Alice? Who the …
  • That brings back happy memories of a training weekend in which we, a group of middle aged women, got back to our hotel after a few drinks, and found that there was a pianist in the foyer playing this. He was unimpressed when D joined in with the "chorus" of "Alice! Who the Fuck is Alice!"

    It's a song which transcends genres - country, glam rock, foyer music and drunk 50-somethings.
  • The year Alice Cooper headlined the first night of the Cropredy Festival, @Celtic Knotweed and I were inspired by the hardline folkies getting their chunky-knit knickers in a knot about it to make T-shirts bearing the phrase "Alice? Alice? Who the Folk is Alice?" on the front and "Irk the Purists" (a favourite song of mine, and very apt) on the back.

    We got a lot of amused comments from people in Alice Cooper T-shirts. I think they were more amused than the hardcore folkers would have been.

    6Music are playing a really off-the-wall cover of Edwyn Collins "A Girl Like You" at the mo, but I haven't had a chance to note who it's by - it's really, really, different, haunting and ethereal.
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